Do All Houses Have Outdoor Outlets? And How If Your House Doesn’t Have It?

As a person who is looking for a new house for the first time, you may ask do all houses have outdoor outlets? Most modern houses have outdoor outlets, but you still have to check it though.

The truth is that some modern houses don’t have appropriate outdoor outlets. This information will guide you to know more than just whether all houses have outdoor outlets.

How to Check If Your House Has Outdoor Outlets

There are several ways to know if a house has outdoor outlets. First, check the face of the outlet and check the letters.

If the letters of the outlets are WR it means your house has outdoor outlets. WR is the abbreviation of Weather-Resistant.

Don’t worry! You can change the outlets if they are not WR. Second, use a lamp or a radio and plug it into the outlets.

Now, press the test button and ensure that the lamp is off. Next, press the reset button and ensure that the lamp is on.

Your house has outdoor outlets if it is working. Third, find specific areas that are covered by a weather-resistant cover.

Developers or homeowners use this cover to protect the outdoor outlets. It is often available if the house has a lawn, pool, hot tub, fountain, and others.

The Way to Install Outdoor Outlets

How about if you finally know that your house doesn’t have outdoor outlets? It is not a problem. You can install the outlets.

There are several steps you should do to install the outlets. First, choose a power source. The simple trick is choosing a location that is opposite the indoor outlet in your home.

Second, ensure that the circuit can hold the new outdoor outlets. It is crucial to prevent overload issues. Third, shut off the circuit at the breaker box and ensure that the power on the outlets is off.

Fourth, take off the wall plate on the existing outlet you are about to use. Remove the screws that connect to the electrical box.

Fifth, disconnect all the wires and remove the outlets. Use a hammer to knock the back of it and drill it with a long bit to create a hole. Ensure that the hole reaches the outside wall.

Sixth, install the new outdoor outlets outside and cover the hole. Create a mark based on the shape of the outlet. Drill holes in each corner of the mark and cut the outline using a keyhole. Use a hammer to knock the back of the box of the new outlets for the wiring.

Put the outlets in the hole you have made. Connect the outlets with a cable. Secure the box with screws. Use the cable to install the WR outdoor outlets. You can call a technician to finish this project if you can’t handle it. Do all houses have outdoor outlets? Yes, it includes yours.

The Cost to Install Outdoor Outlets

The cost of installing outdoor outlets is between $350 and $400. It depends on the labor and materials you are about to use.

The cost also depends on the type of house. You need to spend more between $1.000 to $1.400 if you are about to install outdoor outlets in an old house.

The additional cost is for the additional wiring and electrical panels. Finally, you get the answer of do all houses have outdoor outlets.

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