Do Concrete Patios Need Rebar? Here Are Things All Homeowners Need to Know

Do concrete patios need rebar? A patio is an area around your house that is designed for relaxing or taking a rest. In the patio, you may put some furniture along with green plants to add a sense of relaxation and refresh.

Since you must expect this patio to be long-lasting, the establishment must pass through a process namely rebar. What is rebar? It is a process of the installment of steel bars in concrete construction. The purpose is, of course, to make the construction stronger.

The steel bar itself can consist of a bunch of steel wires that are bundled into one. Generally, it functions as a part of the tension device to support and strengthen concrete as the bar is placed at the bottom. This way, the concrete structure is sturdier to prevent it from breaking and collapsing.

Besides, in case the concrete is cracked, the bar also works to control how bad it is. You can repair it as soon as possible before the crack is getting longer and bigger.

Is it possible to construct a concrete patio without rebar?

The steel bar itself is indeed quite expensive. Meanwhile, you need some pieces to be installed under the concrete patio.

Sure, how many pieces depend on the size of your patio. Furthermore, the installment process is also not easy as well as it takes more time and money.

Those facts generate a question, is it possible to construct a concrete patio without rebar? The answer is yes, it is possible. As the result, it seems there is no problem with your patio. With or without the rebar process, the patio looks the same.

But seeing from the construction-wise, constructing a concrete patio without rebar is not recommended at all. Sooner or later, concrete must be cracked from factors like the weather, the building age, the quality of concrete materials, and more.

By installing steel bars, the crack can be stopped or, at least, held before it is getting larger or longer. It also prevents the concrete from collapsing and it is quite dangerous.

If this is what happens with your patio, the repairing process will take a longer time and the cost to spend will be bigger also.


Is it difficult to rebar the patio?

The rebar process is considered difficult mainly for the ground patio. The constructors need to dig the ground first to enable the steel bars to be put in it. After that, they just can install the concrete and do other things.

More importantly, in some states, homeowners need to ask for permission before doing the rebar. It is not only for patios but also for other types of concrete establishments. Something you should know is that there are common conditions that the rebar process needs permission.

When the concrete area to build on the ground is less than 30 inches, there is a big possibility that you don’t need to ask for permission.

But if the area is more than that, you may need to get permission first before the construction begins. So, make sure to gain information as much as possible before the construction starts.

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