Do I Need a Primer to Paint Concrete? – Check the Tips

Do I need primer to paint concrete? While it might appear like adding a coat of paint would be sufficient to cover bland grey floors, this is not the case. Consider the value and use of a primer before painting or decorating your concrete.

We can examine the benefits of priming concrete before painting it. A worn-out concrete floor or crumbling sidewalk may always use some washing and sprucing up. Primer is necessary once you have finished with the nasty process of cleaning!

Why Primer Is Required Before Painting Concrete

Do I need primer to paint concrete? It’s not unusual to come upon a white powdery residue when walking down a concrete sidewalk and wonder what it is.

One of the main reasons primer is necessary before painting is a chemical known as efflorescence. “A crystalline deposit of salts that can form when water is present in concrete,” is the correct definition of efflorescence. Source.

Due to air or stone layers that are porous, concrete includes tiny holes that allow water to seep up from the earth or other surface underneath.

This water also contains minerals and concrete byproducts that cause efflorescence.

If a primer is not utilized, this salty component will make it difficult for paint to adhere to the concrete’s surface and will cause both new and old paint to deteriorate. Paint deteriorates at progressively faster rates when the primer is not used.

The efflorescence and small holes left by the soil are filled with primer. Additionally, it penetrates concrete to stop moisture from rising and causing mold. A smooth, flexible, and wet surface is produced by primer, creating the ideal environment for painting.

Concrete Preparation for Painting

Over time, most concrete becomes dirty with paint splatter and other particles. It’s crucial to clean your concrete before priming or painting.

Concrete’s tiny pinholes are filled with a lot of dirt and debris, which makes it difficult for paint to stick to the surface. Concrete can be cleaned in several ways to prepare it for painting.

  • While getting ready, it’s a good idea to have a broom, pressure washer, well-known concrete cleaner, and a scraper available. Trisodium phosphate is a common substance used to clean concrete.
  • After using the cleaner, scrub the floor vigorously with a bristled brush or another powerful cleaning instrument.
  • Cleaning your concrete is especially important if it has a rough surface or old paint.
  • An angle grinder can be used to smooth up uneven and textured concrete.

Types of Concrete Primers

There are different primer varieties, but a few have a reputation for performing significantly better on concrete.

  • Acrylic Primer
  • Epoxy Primer
  • Polyurethane primer
  • Penetrating Sealer with Silane

Tips to Do

As you get started with this procedure, a further couple of suggestions might prove useful.

  • In addition to priming, indoor concrete also needs to be sealed.
  • For fewer streaks, thoroughly combine your primer and paint before applying.
  • It is crucial to pick the best concrete paint.


Concrete must be primed before painting to provide the paint with a surface to adhere to. Your paint will stay longer and become more resistant to chips as a result.

By absorbing into the concrete and transforming the rough surface into a smooth one, primer also extends the life of your concrete. You get the answer to the question, “Do I need primer to paint concrete”.

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