Do Landscapers Plant Trees Like Arborists? – Everything You Need to Know

Do landscapers plant trees like arborists do? This might be a tricky question for some people. Unless you are into gardening, you might not know exactly the difference between the two.

Who can help you better with planting trees? Find out everything you need to know about the difference between landscapers and arborists, including what they can do to your garden on the following page.

Landscapers VS Arborists

Simply put, both generalist landscapers and arborists can give you valuable assistance when it comes to planting trees in your garden.

However, unlike arborists, landscapers only help a little with ongoing tree maintenance. In other words, an arborist is a type of landscaper whose specialization is planting trees.

Aside from specializing in planting trees, they are also tree removal certified. Not only that but your arborists can also provide you with information about rare breeds and how to take care of them.

Though generalist landscapers can plan and maintain trees as well as incorporate shrubs in the design of your garden, these are arborists that you need to call for more specialist tree needs.

These people are considered dedicated landscapers for planting trees. They can even help you with taking care of mature trees, pruning, and feeling them.

Does Landscaping Involve Planting Trees?

Generally speaking, landscaping also includes planting trees. Though arborists can also plant trees for your garden, these are the generalist landscapers that you should hire if you need other landscaping plans.

This is because arborists tend to focus more on the trees only. But whoever you choose to help you plant trees in your garden, make sure that you hire an expert.

The reason is that trees can be quite challenging to plant sometimes and different species usually require different needs.

What Types of Trees Do They Plant?

Both arborists and generalist landscapers can help you plant a large variety of trees. They will also provide you with advice on how to pick up the rightest species that can thrive well in your soil and climate.

If you want to consult about which trees you should plant in your garden, an arborist is a perfect person to go for advice.

In the US, some of the most popular trees chosen by arborists to plant in a yard are Douglas fir, red maple, loblolly pine, white oak, quaking aspen, and sugar maple.

Costs to Have Trees Planted

Wondering how much it costs to plant a tree in your garden? Well, there will be some factors that influence the costs. These include the type and size of a tree that you are going to plant.

Not only that but how much work is involved in the planting process also plays an important role in determining the costs.

Most of the time, the cost of a small and immature specimen of a tree starts from $50. However, you can get a cheaper price if you purchase a bare-root sapling.

Meanwhile, a mature and large tree usually costs around $500. If you hire a landscaper to help you plant the tree, you need to pay between $25 to $60 per hour.

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