Why Do Grassed Yards Have So Many Moths? Do Lawn Grubs Turn into Moths? Read The Explanation Here

GripElements.com – Do you have a lawn overgrown with grass and often see brown moths flying there? Yes, they are grass moths. Those moths come from the grass in your yard. How could that be? Do lawn grubs turn into moths? Check out the explanation below.

What are The Grass Moths?

Some types of maggots or lawn grubs can turn into the moths. It is small, the body is smooth, and harmless. Grass moths have brown or gray color.

You can see it at dusk. They usually like to fly over the grass. If you plant grass in your yard, then you will often see moths in house.

Moths often appear when the weather is sunny and warm. Its life cycle continues throughout the year. Well, these moths do come from lawn grubs. Then, how is the cycle of the lawn grub? We will discuss more here too.

What is The Life Cycle of Lawn Grubs that Turns into Moths?

There are actually several types of lawn grubs. Most of them look the same when they are still in the larval stage.

But when they grow up, they will become different creatures. Keep in mind that the type of lawn grub we’re going to cover here is a moth type, so it is specific.

Then what are the signs that there are lawn grubs around your house or on the grass you plant? Here we give the signs.

  • There are many small gray or brown moths around your house and flying low above the ground or around grass.
  • There are brown spots on your grass where the lawn grubs eat.
  • There is an increase in bird activity around there because maggots are indeed food for the birds.
  • The grass grows in clusters. That’s because the roots have been bitten and damaged by being eaten by lawn grubs.

Let’s Talk about Lawn Grubs Life Cycle

Do lawn grubs turn into moths? Yes, right. It is closely related to the lawn grubs life cycle. So, grass moths will lay eggs in lawn that is overgrown with grass.

They like healthy and fertile grass for laying eggs. Then, the eggs will turn into maggot larvae after two to five days. Larvae on the surface will take three weeks to eat your grass so brown spots will appear on the grass.

Once they get bigger, the lawn grubs will pupate. A few weeks later, the cocoons turned into moths. The cycle goes on and on like that.

Well, now you know it’s not about “do lawn grubs turn into moths” and “what do lawn grubs turn into” right? Actually, the easiest way to prevent lawn grub is to take good care of your lawn and soil.

Do not water your yard in summer or in dry weather because in that season the moths will look for a place to lay their eggs and wet places will become a favorite place for moths to lay their eggs.

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