Do Lawn Rollers Work? – Discover the Pros and Cons

Do lawn rollers work? Many people think that lawn rolling each year is essential. The other people think that they only need to do lawn rolling when it looks bad.

To know the facts about lawn rolling, you’d better continue reading this article. You will find bad and good about lawn rolling, so you can choose whether you need to do lawn rolling or not.

The Pros of Lawn Rolling

Do lawn rollers work? We will discuss the benefits of doing lawn rolling first. Here are some lawn rolling benefits that you must know.

Lawn rolling is essential, especially in the spring season when you try to level out the minor bumps. You need to do this before rolling the yard and then add a light top dressing.

Lawn rolling is an essential part of preparing a bare area, especially for seeding. When you use a light roller, it will push the seed directly into the soil and then ensure more germination. It helps you save more time then.

Lawn rolling will help to take a root and to encourage the root to grow deeper.

The Cons of Lawn Rolling

After you know about the benefits of lawn rolling, you had better consider the disadvantages of lawn rollers. Some people who want to have the perfect lawn will do lawn rolling often.

It needs a bigger maintenance fee. You’ll also need a special sand base for your yard. Most people use their yard as a golf course too.

It means they take care of their yard. A lawn roller is an ideal solution, but it needs an expert to help you, and you will pay a higher price too. The lawn rolling will cause problems, especially when it is the beginning of the growing season.

Rolling for lawns that are clumpy

Most people roll their lawn in the spring because it is bumpy. Frost has caused soil heaving, and moles have dug tunnels through the yard, making it uneven. We want level grass once more.

Waiting until late spring or fall is the best method to deal with high spots. Then, in high locations, pull out some soil from beneath the grass.

This will make the grass flatter. For low places, the reverse procedure might be employed. Lift the grass using a flat shovel. Then cover it with soil. Because the dirt will compact, add more topsoil than you think you need.

Top dress spots that are slightly low with 1/2 inch of soil. To replace the holes created by animals, you may need to add extra soil every year for a few years.

A thick coating of topsoil will harm the grass, so don’t add too much at once. When first installing grass seed, roll it straight on the earth to create a level bed. Even so, compaction will occur. Some people roll newly laid sod to assist it to come into close contact with soil and form roots.

There are some lawn roller products that you can find in some shops. You can choose the roller you need, or you can call an expert to help in doing lawn rolling. Do lawn rollers work? You can find more facts by reading more gardening articles.

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