Guide to Make Lawn Reseed

Lawn grass is a good and cheap source for making natural mulch. However, you will need it to grow continuously, so you can keep “harvesting” it to get the material for natural mulch.

And, that makes us ask this question. Do lawns reseed themselves? If it did, we will have a much easier time getting the material you need for making mulch. Let’s find the answer to that question.

Can It Reseed?

Yes, your lawn can reseed itself. Many experts even suggest you let it reseed naturally. A yard with thick beautiful grass will look great for your property.

It elevates the beauty and even value of the property. Of course, you, who live there, also can see the beautiful scenery that makes you relax and comfort your body and mind.

How Long Does It Need to Reseed?

The lawn needs around one to two months before it produces the grass flower and then seed heads. In fall, the seed will form. Then, you should need to wait another week to a month for the seeds to germinate.

After that, it will most likely grow as usual. One thing you should remember, each grass seed has a different time length to germinate. So, the growth period also could be different between each area on your lawn.

You should cut the grass every 5 days to ensure that the grass grows healthily. Then, make sure you rake the grass to the side and do not let it cover the grass area. It will obstruct the reseed process and grass growth speed.

Put it on the non-grass area. Or, if you want to use it to make mulch, you can keep the cut grass where you can dry or store it for usage in the future.

There are times when you still couldn’t see its seeding or growth even after 30 days. If that happens, you need to check everything, including several elements that affect the reseed process and speed. For example, the warmth, water, and air condition around the yard, must be in good condition.

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How to Help the Lawn to Reseed?

Even though we said that your lawn can reseed by itself, you may still need to give it a bit of help to make it grow. Here are some of the easiest ways to do that.

  • Do not mow it, and let it grow taller,
  • Rake the lawn to expose the dirt to the grass seed,
  • Find the seed head and cut it with a lawnmower that can scatter the seeds to the area that has no grass,
  • Water the yard to help the seed to grow much faster.


In short, it doesn’t need that much effort to make your lawn grow and reseed. It is a natural process for the grass in your yard to grow naturally.

But, if you add extra “help” as we mentioned, it will become much faster to re-seed into new grass. So, do lawns reseed themselves? Yes, it is.

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