7 Dog Wash Station Ideas for Indoors

It is essential to have a dog wash station to bathe your dog once in a while. The station can be a special place for them to wash after playing in the dirt and to place their toys or stuff. Here are some dog wash station ideas in case you want to have it indoors.

7 Dog Wash Station Ideas

1. Mini basin at the corner

Mini basin at the corner

This basin is simple and small which is the perfect place to bathe your dog when your house is narrow. This place looks like a place to wash your dishes with a square basin and at least 1ft depth. Above the basin, there is a mini-shower for the dog with a long water hose.

2. Station at the room corner

Station at the room corner

Another style that you can build indoors is the station at the corner of your house. It is similar to the bathroom, yet it doesn’t have any walls or doors.

It is an open space for the dog with a good drainage system. Thus, there is a mini cabinet next to the station to place some towels and dog toys in it.

3. Station in a room

Station in a room

Having a special room for a dog is a good idea in case you have a large-sized house. Inside the room, you can execute one of the dog wash station ideas. Usually, the wash station is at the corner of the room. Other parts of the room is filled with a closet or shelf for dog’s stuff.

4. Wash station next to the countertop

Wash station next to the countertop

You can consider his style because it looks elegant for your house. The position of the wash station is possibly in the kitchen, but it is a separate basin from the place you wash the dishes. The station is next to the countertop, so you will get easy to place some tools while washing your dog.

5. Wash station in laundry room

Wash station in laundry room

Having a dog wash station in your laundry room is not a bad idea. After all, the laundry room can be too large to place the washing machine only.

So, you can have a station here. Other parts of the room are cabinets to place the equipment, either washing your clothes or your dog.


6. Luxury dog wash station

Luxury dog wash station

This station looks luxurious with some steps to go to the wash station. It is a raised station and might require a huge space to have this style in your house.

This concept is good for wood flooring, so you can avoid water-splashed. Choose the non-slippery tiles for this station design.

7. Practical wash station

Practical wash station

This station looks practical since the size is small and you place a foldable bench on the wall. When you finish washing the dogs, you can pull the bench to dry the dog. This idea is perfect for a house with a narrow space.

Those dog wash station ideas help you to choose the best style that fits your house. Since it is a wet place but open, you have to consider the best room to place the station to avoid mildew on the wall and floor.

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