21 Downspout Extension Ideas to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Looking for downspout extension ideas? Having a downspout extension is a necessity. It prevents water damage. Without a downspout extension, your house will become more susceptible to moisture damage. In addition, as water flows down, it would puddle around the base of your house.

This could cause serious harm to your house’s foundation and basement. Although it is a necessity, a downspout extension is rather unsightly and may even disrupt your curb appeal. No worries. Below, we listed 21 decorative downspout extension ideas that will make it appealing.

1. Vinyl Downspout Extension

Vinyl Downspout Extension

One of the creative downspout extension ideas is to use a vinyl downspout extension. What’s amazing about this type of downspout extension is that it doesn’t use much space. When not used, the vinyl extension is rolled up. This allows you to mow easily without needing to move the extension.

When it rains and it fills with rainwater, the extension will roll down and move away from the house’s foundation. When full, it rolls down to almost 4 feet, which is quite away from the foundation. It has holes, too. It releases water like a sprinkler.

2. Flexible Downspout Extension

Flexible Downspout Extension

When it comes to downspout extension ideas, you have plenty of options to choose from. For example, flexible downspout extensions. These extensions are extendable, which allows for easy connection and installation.

There won’t be any headache or frustration because you can’t connect a flexible extension to your downspout.  They fit all standard residential downspouts. In addition, some extensions can easily expand from 25 to 55 inches.

They can be connected together to increase the length, too. They come in various colors, so you can choose one that blends well with your house.

3. Simple Splash Block

Simple Splash Block

Looking for simpler gutter downspout extension ideas? In that case, we recommend a splash block. A splash block is not an extension in the sense that it connects to the downspout directly. But it does extend the gutter system.

As an extension, it works wonders. It dampens the impact of the water and protects the soil from erosion. Since the water flows more gently and farther, the splash block also prevents the water from causing foundation issues.

What’s more, it is easy to use and causes minimal aesthetic disruptions. You just need to find the right size (this depends on the severity and frequency of rainfall in your area) and place it in the right spot. You also need to check it regularly to make sure it isn’t knocked off its place.

4. Buried Pipe

downspout extension ideas

Most of the downspout extension ideas on the list involve placing extensions on the surface. Those are not the only options you have, though. You can add an extension pipe and bury it under the ground. Since the extension is hidden, you need not worry about it disrupting your curb appeal.

The downside is that it requires more effort and planning. You need to dig deep enough to accommodate a slope so the water can flow. Installing the pipe can be a bit of a task, too.

5. Extra Long Plastic Extension

Extra Long Plastic Extension

When it comes to the gutter system, you want to move water as far away as possible from the base of your house. The minimum distance is 4 to 6 feet, but it is a good idea to extend the distance if it is possible. That’s why a long downspout extension is ideal.

If you have the room for it, install an extension that allows water to flow far away. For a better look, choose an extension that has the same color as the downspout.

6. Birds and Flowers

downspout extension ideas

While the function of extensions is serious, downspout extension ideas need not be boring. What to make it more fun? Go with a cute and whimsical decorative downspout extension. The sculptural detail looks very lively, especially when there’s water flowing down.

Even if there isn’t, the decoration fits the surroundings well. It easily makes your front yard space more appealing. On one hand, it protects your house’s foundation from water damage. On the other, it enhances the curb appeal. Installation is easy, which makes it even better.

7. French Drain

French Drain Ideas

There are beautiful gutter downspout ideas, too. For example, instead of going for a decorative extension, you can make a French drain instead. It looks much more natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Most importantly, it prevents standing water. Standing water can cause many issues, including damaging your house’s foundation, fungi, as well as health issues for you and your family. It helps with erosion control, too. That’s how awesome a French drain is.

In addition, it could be an excellent DIY project you can do on the weekend.

8. Splash Block with River Gravel

Splash Block with River Gravel

What if you like the simplicity and practicality of a splash block but want something more decorative? The good news is, splash blocks come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Many of them are decorative, too.

For example, you can get a splash block with river gravel. It has all the benefits of a typical splash block with the addition of a more natural look. You can rest assured knowing your house is protected from water damage by something that enhances its curb appeal.

9. Rocks and Stones

Rocks and Stones

Rocks and stones make excellent downspout extension ideas. How could they not? Arrange them properly and you’ll get a functional and beautiful landscape.

The rocks and stones reduce the impact of water and help erosion control. They also provide a way for water to flow away from the base of the house. As water flows down, there won’t be any standing water.

On top of these, the landscape just looks gorgeous when there’s water flowing. It looks like a small river.  You’ll have the chance to listen to the relaxing sound of water flowing, too.

10. Refreshing Mini Pond

Refreshing Mini Pond

A downspout extension can be something adorable, too. Just take a look at the mini pond. It has a frog and two water lilies in it. The pond looks refreshing, with or without rainwater.

The decorative downspout will catch rainwater to make a pond for the cute amphibian. The unique extension helps direct water away from your house.

Simply place it at the bottom of an existing gutter and you’re all set. It is made of weather-durable resin, which means it can withstand the weather just fine.

11. Watering Can

downspout extension ideas

Need some inexpensive downspout extension ideas? The good news is, there are plenty of ways you can get an extension that is not only functional but also looks good. Even something as simple as a watering can can do wonders.

All you need to do is to connect a watering can to your downspout. This is a bit of a task, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. To make it even better, paint the downspout and can in the same color. This will make the downspout stand out, adding beauty to your house.

12. Watering Cans

downspout extension ideas

If the idea of using a watering can intrigues you, you’ll love this one. Rather than using the usual downspout, create rain chains from three watering cans. Place the cans below the gutter and adjust them so they pour water down to the can below it until it hits the ground.

Arranging watering cans like this add an unusual focal point to your front yard. As the water flows down through the cans, it is less impactful than it would flow down through the gutter.

13. Repurposed Items

downspout extension ideas

Perhaps you’re looking for more challenging downspout extension ideas? In that case, you’ll love this one. Instead of using only watering cans, you use multiple repurposed items as an extension. For this DIY project, you will need at least a watering can, gutters, a pipe, a bucket, and a faucet.

You will need to arrange them in a way that water flows slowly through the gutters and pipe to a container. This takes a lot of work, but the result is certainly worth it. With only repurposed items, you can add something interesting that protects your house.

14. Creek

Creating an occasional water feature

Creating an occasional water feature is not a bad idea, either. For this, you will need to replicate a creek with rocks and flagstones. Rocks prevent erosion and protect the soil. Meanwhile, the flagstones serve as the border, containing water inside when it rains.

Keep in mind that when you create a landscape like this, you need to make sure that it is at least 4 to 6 feet away from the base of your house. This is the minimum distance so water won’t damage your foundation.

15. Landscaping Splash Block

Landscaping Splash Block

You can also combine a splash block with a landscape. Notice how the splash block is large enough to redirect water to the side, away from the base of the house. That’s not all. The splash block continues to the side and encircles a landscape.

As the splash block is integrated with the landscape, it doesn’t look unsightly or out of place. It directs the water away and at the same time, enhances the curb appeal.

16. Rain Barrel

downspout extension home depot

Most of our downspout extension ideas direct water away. But what if you want to conserve rainwater? There’s a solution for that, too. Instead of installing an extension that moves water away, create a rain barrel.

A rain barrel collects rainwater and protects your house’s foundation from possible damage caused by rainwater. The water stays in one place, and you can use it for various purposes.

What’s great about it is not difficult to make. So if you’re looking for the next DIY project to work on, a rain barrel is a solid option

17. Waterfall

waterfall downspout extension

Waterfalls are always amazing to look at. Why not make one in your backyard? Rainwater can help you create a mini waterfall that flows beautifully in your front yard. It works wonders if there are greeneries around your downspout.

A typical downspout extension looks ordinary and nothing special. A decorative waterfall extension like this is different. It keeps your house safe from water damage and makes the space more visually pleasing. Not to mention the soothing sound of flowing water you’ll hear when it rains.

18. Turtles

downspout extension ideas

What’s cuter than a turtle standing on a turtle standing on a turtle? An interesting decoration like this is a surefire way to enhance the curb appeal. After all, how often do you see a decorative downspout extension like this?

The adorable turtles are ready to direct water away from the base of the house. It is made of weather-durable resin, so you won’t need to worry about them. The turtles can handle the elements just fine.

19. Flagstones Landscape

Flagstones Landscape Ideas

If you’re looking for downspout extension ideas to make a landscape, consider using flagstones. Flagstones are simply incredible. Their shapes make it easy to arrange them into a landscape.

Flagstones are highly durable as well. They are very unlikely to warp or crack when exposed to the elements. So rest assured. If you have flagstones in your landscape, you can have peace of mind knowing they will last for a long time.

20. Splash Block with Mini Garden

Splash Block with Mini Garden

You can create a natural splash block with rocks, too. Rocks prevent erosion and provide a way for the water to flow through. You can also use them to create a landscape and combine it with a garden.

This gives you double the benefits. Firstly, the water flows away from the base of your house and secondly, it waters the plants in your garden. Just make sure that the landscape is sloping to allow water to flow.

21. Aluminum Downspout Extension

Aluminum Downspout Extension

Last but least, an aluminum downspout extension. Aluminum extensions are a classic choice. They are inexpensive, widely available, and very durable. It is no wonder many homeowners choose them as their downspout extension.

Their only downside is that they are not as attractive as the other alternatives. You can easily mitigate this issue by using the same material for your gutter system. This will create a unified look, which is a plus for the curb appeal.

A downspout extension is a necessary part of a house’s defense against water damage. A typical downspout extension doesn’t add anything aesthetically. With these downspout extension ideas, you can make it a beautiful addition that enhances your curb appeal.

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