7 Easy Coffee Table Styling Tricks To Try In 2022

Almost all homes have their coffee tables displayed in the living room. While some families treat them as the focal point of their home, some use them for different functions. Basically, they can hold snacks and drinks, but decorative elements and centerpieces are often found on these tables.

No matter what theme you have for your home, a coffee table can be easy to decorate in order to match your overall interior design.

The furniture industry offers different variety of coffee table designs, shapes, sizes, and colors, and you can have access to them depending on your preferences and budget. 

If you need to buy coffee tables now, it’s best to learn a few pointers on how to style them for your home this 2022:

1. Layer It Up

When done right, the trick of layering can create a beautiful effect on your coffee table. This creates a beautiful illusion that reflects your interior design.

Choose different decorative elements that come with different heights or textures and see how they can complement each other on your coffee table.

Some of the elements you can think of are candles of different heights and widths, a bowl of fresh and dried flowers, or some beautiful jars or vases.

Ensure not to overcrowd your coffee table, especially if you intend to use it for drinks when entertaining guests. 

2. Stick To A Theme

Easy Coffee Table Styling Tricks

Sticking to a theme is an essential step in decorating your coffee table. Depending on your preferred theme, some decorating ideas can include abstract aesthetics, minimalistic approaches, or eclectic styles.

Pick objects that correspond with the image you’re trying to create. Add designs on the table that makes people understand that it is your home theme.

3. Incorporate With The Room Colors

Maintain the same color scheme or complementary colors for a streamlined look. This integrates the overall feel and elegance of the room.

When the color combination is harmonious, your space becomes contained and organized. Everyone wants to achieve a neat look, and this strategy will allow you that. 

Consider the colors in your room when styling your coffee table. Objects, such as candles and flowers should incorporate design elements and complement the rest of the room’s color scheme.

You can opt for colorful fresh or dried flowers too, but make sure their colors are once again within your room’s color palette. 

4. Stick To Simple And Balanced Styles

Don’t be afraid to keep it simple. Your coffee table will look less functional and cluttered if it is cluttered. Avoid the urge to crowd it with all the decorations you can find. There’s no need to overdo it anyway. 

Maintain a balanced aesthetic by arranging your decorative objects symmetrically or in a pattern.

For an eye-catching yet balanced design, you can choose one big thing and two complementary elements on both sides. Often, many homeowners opt for a flower vase, and it actually works.

5. Follow A Grid-Like Design

It can be challenging to figure out how to design an oversized coffee table. This design idea is great for a living room that comes with a mirror. 

A spacious living room usually requires a rectangular coffee table to consume the ample space; there’s really no need to store the entire table space with designs.

You can imitate a grid pattern and position decors in those squares or grids. This creates a minimalist design after.  

6. Add A Stack Of Books


Books are great ideas to design your coffee table. Choose stackable books that look great when placed on the table and can be the focal center of the living room.

This can be a great conversation starter or a way to display your cultural interests. All you need to do is arrange the books accordingly, and allow your guests to read them if they feel like it.

An alternative way to use this design method is to use a book container or grouper to keep them close to each other. 

7. Group Items On The Table

You shouldn’t scatter items across your tabletop, no matter the shape of the coffee table you got. While you feel that scattering your decors will seem creative, it actually depicts a cluttered feel.

By grouping your items, you can make your table easily usable while maintaining your design. One way to group small items together is to use beautiful DIY trays or horizontal vases. 


A coffee table is an essential element for any living room or other area in a home. The key is to find the right strategies to decorate and design them in ways that remain functional and contribute to your home’s overall aesthetics.

You can make your coffee table stand out and compliment your room’s colors and theme. Check out the ideas above for more easy coffee table styling tricks.

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