8 Great Exposed Ceiling Beam Ideas

For a stronger look indoors, you can execute exposed ceiling beam ideas. These ideas are perfect for large and small houses with different styles and sizes of beams.

Here are ideas to create a strong look that you can do for any room in your house.

1. Vaulted Ceiling Beam

Vaulted Ceiling Beam

The vaulted ceiling beam is a great option for many people. It is sophisticated since the size of the beam is huge, but the pattern is not close from one to another.

There is a center beam on the ceiling, then the other beams are forming pillars. It creates a triangle look for the ceiling.

2. Box Ceiling Beam

Box Ceiling Beam

The box ceiling beam is one of the exposed ceiling beam ideas. The beams form a box on the ceiling that makes the room look like a European house in the early 1900s. It needs a well-thought-out thought because you cannot install the beam without a good design.

3. Faux Wood Beam

Faux Wood Beam

A faux wood beam is an attractive option. It has high durability, and you can get it cheaper than a real rod. It doesn’t get aged easily, and you can find faux wood beams at the market. It appears beautifully in the room with many shades of color.

4. White Color Ceiling Beam

Exposed Ceiling Beam Ideas

A white ceiling is perfectly matched with white exposed ceiling beam ideas. The size of the beam can be smaller, but it needs a lot of beams to install.

You might need horizontal beams at least two pieces, and other beams are arranged vertically. It creates a 3D look for the ceiling.

5. Textured Ceiling Beam

Textured Ceiling Beam

A textured ceiling beam idea is attractive because it is not as simple as putting the beams horizontally or vertically. It creates a 3D effect on the ceiling, where the shapes are combined to create a strong statement for the interior. It is perfect for the house with minimalist furniture.

6. Gray Ceiling Beam

Gray Ceiling Beam

It is rare to have gray ceiling beams, but it can be a nice idea for a minimalist house. If the theme of interior design is a combination of white and gray, the gray ceiling beam will create an amazing element. However, the color of the main ceiling should be white.

7. Pine Ceiling Beam

Pine Ceiling Beam

Pine material is very popular because it is modern, strong and well-built when it comes to beam structure. The surface of the beam has a unique pattern, so it fits the theme of a farmhouse. Since it is thicker than other beams, it should be arranged far from each other.

8. Knotted Ceiling Beam

Knotted Ceiling Beam

A knotted look for the ceiling beam is where the beams have a small size, but they are placed neatly with a closer gap. However, this style is only perfect when you have a high ceiling, about 5-6 meters. A shirt ceiling with knotted beams will make it look messy.

Exposed ceiling beam ideas are perfect to make your house have strong vibes. It doesn’t have a cover, so you have to maintain the cleanliness of the beam. Beams are good painted or not painted, but you have to use the best idea that fits the theme and the size of your house.

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