8 Best Pick Exterior Brick Paint Color Ideas

A popular option to decorate the exterior is using bricks. It has industrial vibes, but generally, the brick color that is available at the market is red brick.

Should you think that it is too boring, see some exterior brick paint color ideas below for a more attractive exterior.

1. White Brick Paint

White Brick Paint

White brick is a luxurious option and people usually combine this style with black trim for window frames and roofs. It looks clean but since there is no natural brick with white color, then you have to paint them. Choose glossy white paint to make it look standout.

2. Modern Black Brick

Modern Black Brick

Modern black brick is the color where your exterior will be more elegant. It is one of the most popular exterior brick paint color ideas.

You can combine this black brick with a wood accent and gray material for other parts. It is easier to maintain since you will not notice dirt.

3. Terracotta Brick

Terracotta Brick

Terracotta is similar to the red brick and it is popular too. This choice is the easiest one since the market provides special brick with this color for exterior purposes. It is elegant, especially when you combine it with a bold brown accent and black trim for windows and doors.

4. Beige Brick

Beige Brick

Beige looks nice if you use this color for a minimalist exterior. Your house looks standout with this color since beige brick is rare to use.

It is nice with black trim for other parts of the house plus colorful decorations such as planters and lamp frames on the wall.

5. Yellow Brick

Exterior brick paint color ideas

Yellow is stunning one of the exterior brick paint color ideas for your house. It looks like a Mediterranean house with a classic touch. It is also a rare option since you have to find a cool-tone yellow paint. The painted bricks look better with other yellow shades for other parts.

6. Charcoal Brick

Charcoal Brick

The charcoal brick color is not exactly black. It is a charcoal color with some shades. So when you arrange this brick for the exterior, there is an iridescent effect because of the light that lands onto it. This color is perfect with a black roof, door, and window frame. Consider the sunny day before adopting it.

7. Red Brick

Red Brick

Red brick is a popular option since it is its natural color. The color gives your exterior a classic vibe, especially if you put them together with white trim. It is a classic style and darker than other color options. It has low maintenance because the red is so bold that you won’t notice dirt.

8. Ivory Brick

Ivory Brick

The ivory brick color has a pattern. The brick itself has darker sides that will create a unique appearance for your exterior. This exterior style looks nicer with white or black trim. You can easily find ivory bricks at the market at a very affordable price.

Exterior brick paint color ideas which have been reviewed above are the best pick because most people use those colors. Bricks for the exterior can be tricky because sometimes it looks like the house is messy. With those colors above, your home exterior will be stunning and stand out.

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