8 Sophisticated Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas

Wall cladding is adding a layer to the wall that will be the skin of the wall itself. Usually, the house has concrete from cement, then it is painted with colorful paint.

However, exterior wall cladding ideas give an impressive look. Here are some ideas that can be your great inspiration.

1. Multicolor Stones Cladding

Multicolor Stones Cladding

Cladding from stones is popular in many exterior styles. It gives a natural touch to the exterior, especially if your house is a classic farmhouse.

Multicolor stones have many shades, from gray and cream. You have to prepare a strong wall of a particular size for stone cladding.

2. Vertical Cladding

Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas

Vertical cladding from any material such as composite or PVC is practical. It looks simple but has texture at the same time.

PVC and composite are two materials with high durability over the years. When you place it vertically, it creates the impression that the house is higher than its real size.

3. 3D Metal Cladding

3D Metal Cladding

Metal cladding is one of the luxurious exterior wall cladding ideas. You have to consider the acid rain and the extreme weather in your place, so metal cladding will be more durable.

The placement of metal cladding can give a 3D look to your exterior. Remember, it is not cheap to execute.

4. Natural Horizontal Stone

Natural Horizontal Stone

Some natural stones have long and flat shapes. It is a decorative stone that you find to create a mini planter. It can be a wall cladding for your exterior, but you will need a lot.

The larger your exterior, the more stones you need to cover all the walls. Do not paint them and let them appear in natural color.

5. Long Bricks Cladding

Long Bricks Cladding

A long brick looks excellent when you use it for cladding. The size is longer than average bricks, so the main purpose of this material is decorative.

The placement of long bricks as exterior wall cladding ideas enhanced the appearance of the exterior. The red brick is the best for a standout exterior.

6. Timber Cladding

Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is a perfect style for a farmhouse theme. It gives warm vibes for all seasons. Since the timber may rot after years, you need extra maintenance to make it the wall cladding. You can leave it in its natural color, which is brown wood, so it looks cooler.

7. Composite Cladding

Composite Cladding

Composite cladding wall is an affordable option. You can place it on the wall horizontally or vertically. There are many colors of composite panels at the market that will fit your exterior theme. It is a durable material with an affordable price to consider.

8. Fiber Cement

Fiber Cement Cladding

Fiber cement is another style that might be easier for exterior cladding. Fiber and cement are a good combination to create durable wall cladding.

You can determine which styles to use, either horizontal or vertical. It is a cheap option and mostly, this wall cladding is used for big building exteriors.

Putting exterior wall cladding ideas into your house gives another nuance to the exterior design. Painted concrete walls are boring, so cladding could replace that impression. The materials to use vary and you can adjust with the budget and the theme of your house.

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