8 Beautiful Fall Planter Ideas for Your Garden

Moving the plants to a planter to prepare for the winter is more practical for your gardening activity later. However, you have to choose the type and style of planter that suits your needs and aesthetic. Here are some fall planter ideas that you might be inspired by.

The Best 8 Fall Planter Ideas

1. Porch Pot

Porch Pot Ideas
Giant Planters

This fall porch pot is a DIY project where you should be able to arrange the plants in the pot. The pot has a size range, but you can choose a big one to put many kinds of plants in it. The combination of different shapes of flowers and leaves will create a charming look during the fall.

2. Giant Planters

Giant Planter idea

This is a good idea if you have a large backyard. A giant planter can hold many plants during the fall. It is good to hold the plants with long roots.

The placement of giant planters is flexible, but consider its weight if you plan to move it much later since the soil in the giant planter will make it hard to move.

3. Rustic Theme

can place the plants inside the planter

The rustic theme is one of the best fall planter ideas. The planter is made from metal that looks like old metal even though it is not.

You can place the plants inside the planter. Choose plants with colorful flowers, so the planter will not look boring during the fall.

4. Clay container

clay container for planter

The clay container is still a favorite choice by many people since the price is cheap. It is aesthetic for the garden as well.

You can put many kinds of plants or only one type. At the market, the clay container has many sizes and it’s a good consideration if you need a lot of planters.

5. Legged pot

Legged pot ideas

This is a planter that has some legs from metal. The legs are just simple decorations. You can’t put too much soil and many planters for this type. However, only plants with a big size of flower will suit this planter and the rest are green shrubs.

6. Mini pumpkin pot

Mini pumpkin pot idea

Pumpkin pots are an adorable option and usually, the size of the pots is small. The colors are orange and yellow, so it adds value to your garden. You can place this planter on the ground or the raised bed. Various colors of the plants will create a charming look.

7. Evergreen pots

fall planter ideas

Evergreen planters mean the plants on the planters are only green and they don’t have any flowers. Caring the evergreen plants is easy and placing them in a planter is a good idea during the fall and winter. You can move them to other places to avoid the harsh weather.

8. Wooden pots

Wooden pot idea

Wooden pots are made from wood and you can DIY this planter. It’s practical and cheap, but the aesthetic is still there. Wooden planters are lighter than other types of planters. Ideally, you can place the planters on the ground or compartment in the garden.

These fall planter ideas are great options that you can pick from. Planters are useful during the fall season since you need to move them to a safer place once the winter is coming. It adds aesthetic value to your garden as well.

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