7 Attention-Stealing Farmhouse Daybed with Trundle to Add Style to Your Space

Farmhouse décor style has been a popular choice for many homeowners for years now. And for good reasons. The style blends the old and new, bringing warmth and an inviting vibe to the space. Want to make your space more stylish? Consider adding a farmhouse daybed with trundle.

Need a head start for your search? We got you covered. Below, we make a list of 7 attention-stealing, farmhouse style daybeds with trundle that you want to check out.

1. Bushwick Twin Metal Daybed by Novogratz


Want a centerpiece for the room? Check out this daybed. This farmhouse style daybed exhibits a unique mix between the old and new.

The daybed’s simple, black metal frame is ornamented with round finials, adding a traditional touch to it. Meanwhile, the sleek design and curves bring a touch of modern style and an open-air vibe.

2. Peavler Metal Daybed by Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse


If you want to create a warm and inviting spot for relaxing and unwinding, you don’t want to miss this farmhouse style daybed with trundle.

It features antique dark bronze metal, which adds a traditional vibe and warmth to the space. On the backrest, there is decorative metal detailing that steals attention.

3. Annemiek Farmhouse Daybed with Trundle by Gracie Oaks


Featuring X-spaced lattices, this daybed offers an open-air feel while still keeping things simple. The daybed puts more focus on functionality, just like any other farmhouse furniture, yet still looks inviting and comfortable.

Since the daybed comes in white, it functions as the perfect background for colorful cushions and accessories.

4. Trever Metal Daybed by August Grove


There is beauty in simplicity. And this daybed exhibits that well. It doesn’t have that much intricate design. It has curves and some metal detailing.

Yet, is a delight to look at. Not to mention it is inviting, too, especially when combined with gray mattresses and neutral-colored accessories.

5. Meda Steel Daybed by Rosalind Wheeler


If your interior is mostly neutral, adding a black metal frame daybed can create an interesting visual cue.

The black frame contrasts the surroundings, which brings attention to it. Also, if the space has no metal surface yet, the daybed will provide it, complementing the farmhouse style further.

6. Ruchi Extra-Long Daybed by Gracie Oaks


Farmhouse style focuses more on functionality than decoration. This farmhouse daybed with trundle, however, offers both. Not only is it functional as it provides an extra bed and extra storage, but it also looks amazing.

The dark wood finishes and streamlined design makes the daybed stylish and inviting. It is industrial and at the same time, traditional.

7. Antwann Daybed by Gracie Oaks


Farmhouse-style daybeds come in various shapes. This daybed is among those that have an open-air design.

It only has two sides, which is great if you want that clutter-free look. Besides a trundle bed, it comes with extra storage, too, which is always a welcome addition.

A farmhouse daybed with trundle can do wonders to any space. As the above daybeds have shown you, not only such a daybed is practical, but it also adds style, making the space more appealing.

So, what do you think? What kind of farmhouse daybed do you think fits your space the most?

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