6 Fire Pit Seating Ideas To Spruce Up Your Yard 

Creating a relaxing outdoor living space can influence the overall ambiance of your home. For one, it’s a great way to maximize the space in your yard, and more so, it can certainly add charm to your home. 

For instance, you can have a well-curated garden, or perhaps, you can set up a comfy hangout area with creatively designed seating around a fire pit. This can be a great spot for entertaining friends and family during special occasions or simple get-togethers. 

So, if you’re looking for ways to furnish and spruce up your yard, adding a fire pit can be a good place to start. To help you get started, you can check out and read this full article to learn more about the type of fire pits available in the market today. 

Furthermore, here are some fire pit seating ideas to help you transform your backyard. 

1. Sunken Concrete Seats

Sunken concrete seating can be an excellent feature for a modern home’s fire pit area. Its sleek and bare appearance can perfectly match the exterior design of most contemporary houses. 

This type of seating is commonly placed in the middle of a garden or beside the pool. Since it’s sunken in the ground, it can give off a different level of coziness. Plus, with concrete’s durability, you can be assured that it can withstand outdoor weather conditions. 

More so, sunken concrete seating can be customized. It can be designed in a way to fit any type of outdoor space- from small to big ones and regardless of whether your yard has a regular or irregular layout. 

2. Classic Wooden Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs have become an outdoor living space staple. They’re classic wooden pieces commonly found on patios, gardens, and beaches.

You can use them as-is or perhaps, add seat cushions and throw pillows for extra comfort. And the good thing about these chairs is that you can either buy some or build them yourself. 

These classic wooden chairs are also best for portable fire pits. Unlike built-in seating, you can conveniently move them around when rearranging your garden and outdoor living space. 

3. Brick Bench

Bricks have been around for ages and are commonly used for buildings, hardscapes, and making chimneys. It remains one of the timeless design materials you can see indoors and outdoors today.

However, their function isn’t only limited to being a construction material since they can also be used as a material for garden and patio seating.

Just like concrete, bricks are also durable and can endure weather conditions. More so, this material can also withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for lining in-ground fire pits. 

In addition, one of the advantages of creating brick benches is you can customize their size and shape. You can build them rounded, curved, or rectangular. This type of seating can also be sunken in the middle of your garden, surrounded by plants and flowers.

4. Wooden Benches

Wooden benches are perhaps, the most DIY-friendly fire pit seating option. You can create them with any weather-proof wood available in your area and customize them according to your preferences and needs.

Adding wooden elements in your fire pit area can be a great way to amplify the warmth of the atmosphere. Wood also blends well with other materials like concrete, bricks, natural stone, and metal.  

When choosing a type of wood for your fire pit seating area, it’s best to select hardwoods. You can leave them unvarnished to maintain their natural look. Most hardwoods are weather and termite-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use. 

5. Modern Lounge Chairs

Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Modern loungers are an elegant option for those who’d like to splurge on sprucing up their yard. They come in unique shapes to match every home’s architectural design. 

When choosing modern lounge chairs, consider the look you’re going for. For instance, there are outdoor lounge chairs made of palette wood, while there are those that look like an art piece created with exquisite materials.

The first one complements any house design, while the latter looks more flattering for modern houses.

Moreover, modern lounge chairs also match fire pits near the poolside. You can use them to hang out by the fire pit at night and enjoy the sunlight during the day. 

6. Wicker Chairs And Sofa

Wicker chairs are a stylish addition to your outdoor space. Despite being a little expensive, their comfort, breathability, durability, and artsy look are worth spending. 

Wicker chairs and sofas are made by weaving thin reeds, tubes, or stems. Some of the most popular materials used are rattan and bamboo. This type of furniture can also work as an accent piece for outdoor and indoor settings. 

If you’re looking for chic, elegant, and comfy seats around your fire pit, wicker chairs and sofas with cushions can be a good option. And while they are commonly made with water-resistant materials, it’s best to keep them dry. 


Curating your yard by adding a fire pit and seating can be a fun project to do. It can be a fantastic way to express your creativity while allowing you to maximize the space in your home.

And with the ideas mentioned in this article, you can be on your way on successfully sprucing up your yard.

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