A Step-by-Step Guide to Fix a Crack in a Fiberglass Tub

Small cracks are not uncommon in a fiberglass tub. But, they will develop and expand that eventually leading to leakage and damage to your bathtub if you do not repair them soon.

Instead of calling a bathtub repair company, you can fix the issue yourself. Here are steps to fix a crack in a fiberglass tub that you can do on your own.

#1. Clean the Fiberglass Tub’s Surface

To clean the surface of your fiberglass bathtub, you can use a rubbing alcohol wipe. As an alternative, you can use a sponge and a home-based cleaner. Make sure that you clean the tub thoroughly and remove dirt, debris, and mold from its surface.

Once you have finished cleaning, you need to dry the surrounding surface of the fiberglass bathtub. A paper towel can be a good tool to effectively dry the area.

#2. Sand the Surface around the Cracking Areas

Fix a Crack in a Fiberglass Tub

Then, you need to make the surface of the tub a bit rough. For this purpose, you can use medium (80 grit) sandpaper or emery cloth. This is aimed to enable chemicals and adhesives to bond easily.

You only need to sand a small part of the surface (not more than two inches from the cracks). Then, use a brush or a piece of cloth to get rid of the dirt.

#3. Use Fiberglass Resin Adhesive

For the next step, make sure that you mix the adhesive components that consist of hardener and resin correctly. To ensure that the components have been mixed completely, you can mix them more than required. Then, wait for about three to five minutes to allow the adhesive to settle.

Apply the mixture to the surface of the tub as well as the dent around the crack by using a brush. Keep in mind that the mixture should cover the inside and beyond the crack for at least an inch. Then, let the adhesive sit for about 2 hours to let it dry completely.

#4. Sand the Adhesive

You can use a grit of sandpaper to remove excess adhesive.

#5. Use Fiberglass Filler

fiberglass filler to fix a crack in a fiberglass tub

You also need to use a fiberglass filler to fix a crack in a fiberglass tub. Use a putty knife to help you apply the filler to the crack.

Still, with the same knife, you can use it to scrape the tub’s surface to get rid of excess putty visible around the crack and then let it for fifteen minutes to dry.

#6. Sand the Tub’s Surface Again

Again, use the grit sandpaper to smoothen the entire surface of the tub. Keep in mind to make the repaired area the same height as the whole surface.

#7. Apply Epoxy Coating

Prepare an epoxy mixture and then apply it to coat the crack by using a brush. For better results, the mixture should cover at least 2 inches beyond the crack.

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#8. Cover the Crack with a Fiberglass Clothing

Cover the Crack with a Fiberglass Clothing

You can use fiberglass clothing to cover the crack entirely. Bear in mind that it should overlap the edges by at least an inch.

#9. Apply More Epoxy Coating

Use a paintbrush to apply more epoxy coating on the dent and its edges. Let the epoxy coating dry for a while.

#10. Add a Sealer or Finishing Coat

Applying the sealer can help you waterproof the fixed crack. Not only that but it also protects the repaired area from harmful substances.

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