Fixing These 6 Things Should Be On Top of Your Must-Do List

There are a few key things that you should always keep an eye on in your home to avoid any serious problems.

By being proactive and fixing these six things as soon as they come up, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, money, and headaches down the road.

1. Fix roof leaks

It’s important to fix roof leaks as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your home. The crew at Bravo Roofing recommends checking your roof regularly, especially after harsh weather like hurricanes, storms, blizzards, etc.

Water can cause wood rot, which can lead to structural problems. It can also cause mold and mildew growth, which can be harmful to your health.

That said, roof leaks can cause serious damage to your home if left unchecked. That’s why it’s so important to fix roof leaks as soon as you notice them.

Here are some things you should do to fix roof leaks:

  • If you find a leak, repair it immediately with a high-quality sealant.
  • Make sure gutters and downspouts are clear of debris so they can properly drain rainwater away from your home.
  • Inspect your attic for signs of water damage, such as stained ceilings or floors, or mold growth.
  • If you have a chimney, make sure it’s in good repair and that the flashing around it is intact.
  • Have your roof checked by a professional at least once a year to ensure that it’s in good condition and no leaks are present.

Following these steps will help you fix roof leaks and prevent further damage to your home.

2. Fix old or broken windows

Windows are one of the key places in your home where energy is lost. In the winter, heat escapes through cracks and gaps, while in the summer, cool air conditioning escapes.

If you have old or broken windows at home, fixing them should be on top of your must-do list. Here are six reasons why:

  • Old or broken windows can make your home look unkempt and run-down.
  • They can let in drafts, making your home less comfortable and energy-efficient.
  • They can also let in water, which can damage your walls, floors, and furniture.
  • Insects and other pests can also get into your home through old or broken windows.
  • Old or broken windows can be a safety hazard, especially if they’re located near stairs or other areas where people could fall and hurt themselves.

By fixing old or broken windows, you can help keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round, which can save you money on your energy bills.

3. Fix leaky faucets, toilets, or hoses

A dripping faucet can waste a lot of water over time, and it’s an easy problem to fix. Just tighten the packing nut under the handle or replace the washer. If you can’t find the packing nut, turn off the water at the shutoff valve and remove the handle; then you should be able to see the packing nut.

Leaky toilets can waste a lot of water, too. To check, put a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank and see if any color shows up in the bowl within 15 minutes without flushing. If it does, you have a leak that needs to be fixed. Contact a professional to have it fixed immediately.

A leaky hose can waste a lot of water, so it’s important to find and fix them as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to turn on the water and then check all the connections and sprinkler heads for leaks.

4. Fix clogged drains

Most homeowners don’t think about their drains until they become clogged. But fixing clogged drains should be on top of your must-do list. Why? Because clogged drains can lead to bigger problems like water damage, mold, and even foundation damage.

According to Robert Miles from, water softeners can help prevent clogged pipes due to limescale buildup. But here are a few things you can also do to fix clogged drains:

  • Remove any debris that’s blocking the drain. This may include hair, food, or other objects.
  • Use a plunger to try and dislodge the blockage.
  • Use a plumber’s snake to reach deep into the drain and break up the blockage.
  • Pour boiling water down the drain to melt away grease or soap scum.
  • Use a vinegar and baking soda mixture to create a chemical reaction that will break up the blockage.
  • Contact a professional plumber if you can’t fix the problem yourself.

Don’t ignore clogged drains! Fix them as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems down the road.

5. Fix damaged gutters

Your gutters play an important role in protecting your home from water damage. When they become damaged, it can lead to serious problems like leaks, mold, and even foundation damage. That’s why fixing them should be a top priority.

6. Fix cracked foundations

Fixing These Things Should Be On Top of Your Must-Do List

Cracks in your foundation can result in serious structural damage to your home if left unaddressed. moisture can seep into these cracks and cause further deterioration, so it’s important to have them repaired as soon as possible.

Fixing cracked foundations should be at the top of your must-do list in order to protect the integrity of your home. Hiring a professional to fix cracks is the best way to ensure that the job is done correctly and that your foundation will be restored to its original strength.

Having the sense of urgency to fix these six things will put your home in tiptop shape and avoid any costly repairs down the road.

By being proactive and fixing these six things as soon as they come up, you’ll thank yourself for avoiding worries and financial headaches.

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