11 Best Front Deck Ideas for Small and Large Houses

Most people usually install a deck at their backyard. However, you can install it at the front yard too. Since it is at the front, we usually call it a front deck.

Front deck ideas are simpler than those at the backyard are. They usually do not have a fire pit, a hot tub, and a BBQ grill.

When we are talking about a front deck, it is often that we use this term interchangeably with a front porch. However, the former is slightly different from the latter.

Generally, a front deck is not as enclosed as a front porch. A deck adds an entryway to your home. In addition, many front deck ideas make your exterior look more interesting.

Minimalist and Functional

Minimalist and Functional Deck

At a glance, there is nothing special about the front deck of this home. However, this minimalist front deck will be a perfect outdoor space to balance the complex details of your exterior.

In addition, this particular deck offers a great functionality. It provides a good entryway and an extra space for some chairs and a table. Therefore, you can enjoy the beauty of your front yard from the deck.

A Front Deck for a Small House

small deck ideas

If you think that you cannot have a front deck because your house is small, then you are wrong.

This front deck idea is perfect for a small house. It is compact and adds an interesting look to your home exterior.

Moreover, it also offers you with a small space for a couple of chairs. During a festive season, you can decorate the deck with festive decoration and make it more attractive.

An Added Deck to the Porch

deck porch design

Do you already have a front porch? Even when you already have this outdoor space, you can still have a front deck.

For example, you can adopt this front deck idea. The owner of this house joined the deck to the porch.

If you adopt this front deck idea, you will have more seating options on your front yard. In addition, you will have an extra space for exterior decoration.

To make this deck look eye-catching, you can paint it in contrast color to the porch and wall color. Moreover, you can divide the deck steps into two sections so that the deck looks unique.

Beautiful Front Deck with Bold Colored Furniture

Beautiful Front Deck Design

A beautiful front deck will surely impress your guests. Therefore, you need to have it if you want to create a positive impression on them. There are choices of beautiful front deck ideas and one of them is this deck idea.

This front deck looks beautiful with its three-tone deck stain, i.e. brown, dark chocolate, and white. These three stains are applied beautifully on the steps, railing, skirting, and decking.

In addition, to make this space more impressive, you can arrange red chairs with orange throw pillow on it. These two bold colors balance the neutral colors of the deck attractively.

Stunning Multi-Purpose Front Deck

Multi-Purpose Front Deck Ideas

Do you want to extend the living space to the front deck? If you do, you must have this front deck idea.

This stunning front deck almost has everything you need for a deck entertainment. It has a chaise lounge, a dining area, and a BBQ grill.

In addition, it looks eye-catching with the combination of brown decking, lattice, railings, and a white pergola.

A Covered Front Deck with a Swing

covered deck ideas

This covered front deck is perfect for you who love to relax comfortably. The swing on this deck is a great spot to relax have a relaxation.

Moreover, when you are relaxing on this deck, you do not need to worry much about the glaring sun, rain, and snow.

Having a covered front deck offers you with some advantages. Aside from protecting you from the weather elements, this space also require less maintenance.

Moreover, the decking and the furniture on this space tend to last longer than those on an open deck do.

Small and Cozy

Cozy front deck design

Are you looking for small front deck ideas that can make your exterior look more welcoming? This small and cozy front deck idea may answer your need for it.

This outdoor space looks attractive with the two-tone decking. In addition, the rocking chair on it makes this space looks comfortable.

On certain time of the day, this covered deck gets so much sunray that it causes discomfort to those relaxing on the rocking chair.

To solve this problem, a curtain is added on one side of the deck. And when you do not use the curtain, you can fold it again.

Multilevel Front Deck

Multilevel Front Deck Image

This unusual front deck is quite impressive. It has classic decking color and arranged in multilevel design.

If you want to create it into a minimalist deck, you can arrange a couple of chairs and some potted plants on it.

However, if you want to have more sitting options, you can add a bench or two along with the chairs. Therefore, you can enjoy your garden in better ways.

Extra Simple and Small

simple deck ideas

For you who do not have much time to perform front deck maintenance, this extra simple and small deck will be perfect for you.

This space only offers you with additional entryway though. However, it does need extra maintenance.

Moreover, you can place potted plants or festive decorations on it so that it looks more interesting.
Front Deck Joined to a Secluded Porch

Front Deck Joined to a Secluded Porch

deck design ideas

This front deck offers an entryway to the sunroom. It is very simple and ordinary.

However, with a lattice under the deck and some decoration, this front deck will be more interesting to look at. Moreover, the color of this space gives a nice contrast to the white exterior.

A Front Deck with a Pergola

Front Deck with a Pergola

The yellow pine pergola creates a unique look to this front deck. As a result, the minimalist space looks more eye-catching.

If you want to make it looks more attractive, you can train vining plants to grow on the pergola.

When you decide to adopt one of those front deck ideas, you must understand that this space tend to require more maintenance.

One of the maintenance steps you must do is re-applying the finish of the decking so that it always looks better and prettier. Re-applying the finish will also protect the deck from the water elements.

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