7 Smart Garage Wiring Ideas to Improve Your Workshop

Installing wires in your garage can be overwhelming. You may want to have an excellent electrical system in the workshop but still keep the wires neat and tidy. If you don’t have a clue about how to get this done, a few garage wiring ideas below will help you out.

Whether you are still dealing with an unfinished garage or you plan a revamp, inspiring garage wiring can bring a huge help.

There are so many options to keep your workshop free from messy cables, and here are some options to try out.

1. Wire with PVC Conduit

Smart garage wiring ideas

PVC conduit offers a great way to keep your wires out of sight. Installing wires with PVC conduit helps make your garage look tidy and organized, not to mention it also keeps the cables safe from damage caused by rats, sharp edges, or others.

There are so many options of garage wiring conduit to find on the market. You may want to do a small research before getting one that meets your budget and personal preferences.

2. Tidy Wires on Joist


One of the clever ways to maintain the tidiness of your garage wiring is by running the cables along the joist.

You won’t see the wires hanging here and there—instead, they follow the joist, and sometimes you can even hide it. To keep it even tidier, use clamps to secure the cables.

3. Wires with Names

garage wiring ideas

With so many wires you use in the garage, it might be a little hard to identify each of them. The most efficient way to distinguish the wires is by naming them. You can either give them a label or write their names directly on the wall surface.

The good news, this wiring idea can be easily applied not only in your garage but also to an electrical system in your entire house.

4. Organized Garage Wiring Ideas

Smart garage wiring ideas
garage wiring ideas

This is a super-organized wiring idea you can apply in your garage. Featuring a wiring conduit, the wire is installed horizontally on a cabinet.

If you need to work with so many electrical tools on a bench like drilling or grinding, then this wiring idea has got you covered. 

5. All in One Wiring System


Planning a wiring diagram for your garage can be complicated. But if you want to keep everything simple, this wiring idea can be a good reference for you.

It features a wire hub where every cable goes, providing you with easier and simpler control.

6. Use Clip to Maintain Tidiness

garage wiring ideas

This wiring idea is not uncommon in households across the globe. Besides using a conduit, you may need to use clips or clamps to make sure they don’t go anywhere.

Even if you are not using a PVC conduit, clamps help maintain the tidiness of your wires.

7. Underground Garage Wiring


This is one of the most brilliant garage wiring ideas to keep your workshop free from pesky cables.

It hides the wires below your garage floors, so it is important to prepare your wiring diagram before the workers do the floors. But when it comes to electrical system repairs, you may want to spend extra effort. 

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