7 Geometric Wall Paint Ideas to Play with Colors

Adding colorful geometric designs on the wall is a brilliant decision to add a little fancy touch to the plain walls. Triangles, circles, and arches with various colors can make a total makeover to the space. Let’s deep dive into these geometric wall paint ideas that you can pick up.

1. Monochromatic Wall Paint with Gold Accent

Monochromatic Wall Paint with Gold Accent

Picking catchy color combinations that fit your interior style can be a daunting task. If you want to keep it simple, this monochrome geometric paint has got you covered. It consists of two major colors including black and grey with a slight accent of gold to make it look livelier.

The outer borders play a key role in creating a boundary while the inner white borders help separate between colors. This geometric wall art is ideal for a modern, industrial, and contemporary interior.

2. Chic Paint Idea with Pop of Colors

Chic Paint Idea with Pop of Colors

Do you want to evoke a stylish and chic feel to the room? This DIY geometric paint will do. It lets you have fun with colors, combining arches and sharp edges of different color palettes that look fun and festive. Pair with a white furniture piece to balance all the colors.

A thing to note is to opt for pastels for this geometric wall paint idea. Pastels are bright yet subtle to the eyes, making it a nice visual interest you can have for any room.

3. Make It Look Vibrant

Geometric wall paint

A bright yellow circle on the white wall makes a fascinating statement in your bedroom. This bright color catches the eyes without overpowering the entire element. It perfectly matches the window curtain that comes in the same color. An indoor plant just creates a perfect color composition.

4. Simple Geometric Wall Paint

Simple Geometric Wall Paint

When it is your first time dealing with geometric, this is a simple geometric wall paint design to choose from. It comes with two taupe triangles that are paired with a dark purple parallelogram, resulting in a unique two-tone pyramid on the wall.

5. Playful Wall Paint for Kid’s Room

Playful Wall Paint for Kid’s Room

There are plenty of geometric wall paint ideas for any room, including your kid’s bedroom. This wall painting is created with sharp edges that add a bold feel and is painted with a soft green color palette for a playful nuance.

6. Paint One Side of the Wall

Paint One Side of the Wall

When it comes to painting the wall with geometric shapes, it’s not necessary to work with all sides. You can simply paint one side of the wall with a fascinating yellow and grey combination. This work surely becomes a focal point in the bedroom. Make the bedding with the same style to spice up the room.

7. Pastels for Subtle Perfection

Pastels for Subtle Perfection

Pastel colors work best for geometric wall painting. Thanks to the soft and subtle color palettes, it is much safer to use multiple colors without being overpowering. This geometric wall uses four different colors including white, blue, beige, and grey while maintaining harmony.

Having fun with colors is always a great idea to make over your interior. Find a geometric wall paint that fits your taste and style and refresh the space without too much effort.

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