Geranium Flower Meaning for Good Health and Love

An ornamental plant that is found in many parts of the world is geranium. Geranium flower meaning makes people not only plant it indoors but also give it to others in the form of a bouquet. This flower is also known to have a refreshing fragrance.

There are more than 400 species of geranium flowers spread throughout the world. The flowers are beautiful, and the one that most people know is the purple geranium. What are the meanings of this beautiful flower that many people love geraniums? Read the review here.

Symbol of a Sacrifice

Geranium Flower Meaning

Geranium flowers have a variety of colors, one of which is red. Red geranium flowers have quite a deep meaning in Christianity. The reason is the red color of the geranium plant interprets as a sacrifice of Christ. That’s why this flower is in certain commemorative bouquets.

Many believe that red geraniums can symbolize love with great sacrifice. That is why this flower will be widely used to propose to someone. It means that the flower giver is ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of his great and passionate love. His love is also expected to be eternal.

Symbol of Great Happiness

Geranium flower Symbol of Great Happiness

Geranium flowers are well-known as ornamental plants that were used by people in Ancient Egypt for medicinal purposes. This flower was previously used to treat illnesses so that patients became happy again. So, this flower is used as a symbol of happiness.

In this way, giving geranium flowers to a sick patient can give them hope that they will recover as soon as possible. Its fragrant and refreshing fragrance also makes sick people happier, according to the geranium flower meaning. A bouquet of geranium is a good choice to bring to a hospital visit.

Flowers about Simplicity

Geranium flowers also have a meaning of simplicity

Geranium flowers also have a meaning of simplicity. The reason is this flower has a simple appearance. When blooming, geraniums have a regular shape and form colonies. The emergence of flowers until they bloom also does not require extra care from gardeners.

That is why this flower has a meaning that implies simplicity. Giving this flower to someone else can symbolize that you consider them simple, but you like them. So, the geranium flower meaning is sweet and romantic. You can give this flower to family or friends.

Symbolizes Passionate Love

Geranium flower Symbolizes Passionate Love

Giving geranium flowers to others can also mean expressing very passionate love. Generally, people use red geranium flowers to express great love. This flower is widely used for lovers who want to express their seriousness in their relationship.

Even so, declarations of love using geranium flowers are not related to the number of geraniums in one bouquet. If you give a bouquet with even one red geranium, you have expressed your love for the person you love. However, the more geranium in the bouquet, the better it looks.

Symbol of Good Health

Geranium flower Symbol of Good Health

In ancient times, geranium flowers were often placed in front of house doors. Because they believe that geranium flowers symbolize good health. This flower is said to be able to ward off diseases caused by mosquitoes. So, the meaning of this flower is a hope for maintaining health.

Giving this flower to someone who is sick also holds the hope that that person will soon recover from their illness. It has been going on for a long time. Generally, the geranium flowers given are red geraniums. Then, flowers should be placed in a vase and positioned near a door or window.

Symbol of Friendship

Geranium flower Symbol of Friendship

Geranium flowers can also be a symbol of close friendship. So, many people choose geranium flowers as a gift to a friend. The hope is that their friendship can remain good for a long time. Geraniums can be used as small gifts on various occasions.

For example, when your friend moves to a new house, you can give him geranium flowers as a gift for moving into his new house. This flower also has an elegant and refreshing fragrance, so it will not disturb the atmosphere of the house.

The geranium flower meaning above provides many reasons to give this flower to others. This flower is a very strong proof of love because it indicates a person’s seriousness and sacrifice. It’s not surprising that you will find this flower on sacred days such as weddings or proposing to someone you like.


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