Heliotrope Flower Meaning as The Most Devoted Flower

Bright color and fresh fragrance are two specialties coming from heliotrope flowers. When it blooms in spring, it gives you good vibes. It is often in a bouquet to give to other people since the heliotrope flower meaning is deep and cheerful. These are also reasons to have this flower in the garden.

The flower is well-known as a symbol of eternal love. Besides that popular meaning, this flower has many meanings according to Greek mythology. If you wonder why this flower is a good option to give, check out some reasons in the list here.

A Sign of Devotion

heliotrope flower meaning is all about devotion

According to Greek mythology, the heliotrope flower is a flower that originates from Clytie’s death. Clytie is Helios’ true love. Because her death caused Helios to feel sad, Helios finally turned Clytie into a beautiful flower. This flower was named after Helios himself, Heliotrope.

Helio is a symbol of the sun god in Greek mythology. Since then, heliotrope flowers will always follow the direction the sun goes, which is similar to the principle of sunflowers. From this story, the heliotrope flower meaning is all about devotion. Giving these flowers indicates devotion.

A Symbol of Happiness

heliotrope flower is also a symbol of happiness

The heliotrope flower is also a symbol of happiness. So, you can give these flowers at various fun events such as birthday parties or attending housewarming events. This means that you are happy with the people who are celebrating. It is pleasant because the heliotrope is fresh and smells good.

Even so, the heliotrope flower itself is rarely the main flower for a bouquet. Heliotrope goes well with the baby breath flowers and other small flowers. You can also give flowers for congratulations using a heliotrope in a vase. It is an appropriate choice that you can give to the people you love and adore.

Giving Cheerful Vibes

heliotrope meaning of cheerfulness

Why is heliotrope so closely related to the meaning of cheerfulness? Apart from its bright color which gives a pleasant impression, the fragrance of heliotrope also makes people who smell this flower happy. This flower is also durable enough to be used as a room decoration.

Giving heliotrope flowers is very appropriate for cheerful moments, such as birthday parties for family or close friends, graduation moments, or moments when you want to congratulate other people. A bouquet of heliotrope flowers will look beautiful when accompanied by other types of flowers.

Pure and Innocent Meaning

heliotrope flower meaning

Some heliotrope has pure white colors. You may see this type in wedding celebrations. It is because the white heliotrope flower meaning is about purity and innocence. It is a perfect flower for the event because it can give a sense of sincerity to the couple. You can use this flower for a proposal too.

Symbol of Eternal Love

Symbol of Eternal Love

One of the meanings contained in the heliotrope flower is eternal love. So, you can give these flowers to other people to express the message that you love that person. Any heliotrope color can represent this message. This is following Greek mythology about the heliotrope love story.

On special and sacred occasions such as engagements and weddings, heliotrope flower decorations are highly recommended. Even though it is considered a fairly expensive flower on the market, the meaning of the heliotrope flower is indeed suitable for such occasions.

The Symbol of Lasting Friendship

The Symbol of Lasting Friendship

A very long friendship and the hope of remaining good friends can be represented using this beautiful purple dominating flower. The meaning of heliotrope is not only limited to love but also about a close friendship. You can use this flower for celebrations with friends.

Affection and Warmth

Heliotrope flower meaning has affection and warmth sides

Heliotrope flower meaning has affection and warmth sides. When you give it to someone else, you want to express your affection towards that person. Thus, giving heliotrope gives you warmth as well. The best option is the pink heliotrope though it is quite rare to find on the market.

A Sense of Respect

A Sense of Respect

Giving this flower also relates to the sense of respect. This is why you can see that this flower is used for a congratulatory message. It means that you respect that person. It can be for the family, workmates, colleagues, friends, and the people you look up to.

Heliotrope flower meaning is always related to happiness, cheerful feeling, and devotion. Giving this flower on some occasions will give special meaning to the receivers. Heliotrope is adorable as gifts to celebrate many things and a sign of congratulation for the ones you love. It’s always a good idea to give a heliotrope bouquet.

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