How are Concrete Statues Made?

You may want to add some eye-catching items to the garden to make this area look attractive. Putting concrete statues is a great idea. You can even create concrete sculptures by yourself. How are concrete statues made?

Follow the steps below and get the best statue for your garden.

Create Concrete Statues with a Mold

Creating concrete statues with a mold is one of the simple ways to get a perfect statue. All you have to do is buy a mold in the local or online stores. Now, create the concrete by mixing an aggregate, cement, and water.

The aggregate for concrete varies, including sand, vermiculite, peat moss, limestone dust, small pebbles, coarse pebbles, and many more. The mixture is liquid at first. Pour this mixture into the mold and wait for a few hours or over a night.

Ensure that the concrete is hard enough before releasing it from the mold. That’s it! You have a concrete statue for your garden now. You can make several statues and put them in the best spots in the yard.

A silicone mold is a good option because it is more flexible. You only have to pour the concrete mixture into the silicone mold, wait for a few hours, remove the mold, and the statue is ready.

Create Concrete Statues with a wire frame

How are concrete statues made at home with a wireframe? The idea is to use the wireframe as a mold. Create the frame first.

You can use chicken wire or other options. Check the local store to get more types of wires before creating concrete.

Prepare the concrete mixture and smooth concrete over the frame. Imagine that you are creating a rebar with wire to create a statue.

The frame is even crucial for larger and heavy statues. The frame will perfectly hold the wet concrete and keep it in the intended shape until it is dry and hard.

Create Concrete Statues with Cement

Do you want to make a concrete statue like a professional crafter? If so, use cement to create it.

Make thicker concrete from the cement and let it dry for a while. Prepare the sculpture tools while waiting for the cement to completely dry.

Use the tools to shape the concrete. This method allows you to shape the concrete into anything you want.

As a result, the statue will be more unique, original, and personal. Indeed, you can also be proud because the statues are your artwork.

The Way to Make Great Concrete

Indeed, the concrete has to be durable enough before using it for creating a statue. The quality of the concrete depends on the formula.

The standard formal to make good quality concrete for creating a statue is 1 part cement, 1-part coarse pebbles, and two parts sandbox sand.

You can replace the pebbles with sand if it is difficult to find. So, the formula is 1 part cement and three parts sand. The formula also depends on the size of the statue. A small statue often only needs 1 part cement and 1 part sand.

The information above shows how are concrete statues made for a DIY project at home. You even get three different methods to create a concrete statue at home.

Choose the simplest one and enjoy the statues in the garden immediately. Indeed, your garden is more beautiful with your artwork.

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