How Do I Put up a Temporary Wall in the Garage? Do It Only in 4 Steps

How do I put up a temporary wall in the garage? Nowadays, it seems that applying the temporary wall is more practical and recommended than the permanent one.

Some people are interested in moving and changing the design of their home interior and a temporary wall is the best answer.

But of course, the installation of such walls is different from the permanent ones. Particularly if you are using plywood as the temporary wall, how to put it up in the garage is as follows.

Prepare Pieces of Plywood and Other Materials

First of all, you need to prepare some materials including the wall pieces themselves and wooden poles as the structure.

For the wooden poles, make sure to buy the high-quality ones since it may influence the performance of the plywood as the wall later.

As a tip, avoid buying raw or wet woods. Usually, the wooden poles will be curved when it is dry or getting old. Consequently, the surface of the plywood wall will be wavy and not neat.

For the plywood itself, it is much better to buy the thick ones. The thicker it is, the stronger it will be. The tick plywood also helps you absorb any sound that may come from the garage. It makes the situation if the home keeps quiet and not noisy.

Install the Wall Structure

After all the materials and tools are ready, you can start by installing the wall structure from wooden poles. Cut the poles into some parts based on the sizes you need.

For the wall structure, you need poles to install vertically and horizontally. The vertical poles are installed every 1.5 meters. Meanwhile, horizontal poles are installed at distances of 50cm.

The combination of horizontal and vertical poles creates strong and sturdy wall structures. You can also use nails to install and connect the poles. To make the process easier, you should use the nail gun anyway.

Install the Wall

The installation process is at its best done at noon when the sun shines so brightly. Why? It is so that the wall surface installed is not wavy and the Final result will be really good and neat.

In addition, you should also install the plywood on 2 sides of the structure. Of course, it makes the wall stronger as well as absorbs the noise better which has been mentioned before.

Indeed, to press the budget, using one plywood layer only sounds better. But of course, it is not enough. For the nails to install the wall, they should be distanced at around 8cm.

Paint the Wall

If you have been satisfied with the installation result, you can just directly paint it or apply the varnish to make it look shiny. But if it is wavy like what has been worried about since the beginning, you can use the layer for wood first.

The main reason is to make the plywood look fair and not neat. How to apply it just like when you apply the paint. But here you should use the construction sponge instead of the paintbrush.

So, how do I put up a temporary wall in the garage? It is quite easy, isn’t it?

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