How to Buy Cotton Sheets? Check Out the Complete Guide Here!

Bed sheets are an essential necessity for your home. With good sheets, of course you will be able to sleep better. However, choosing sheets was not an easy thing to do. So, how to buy cotton sheets that are good quality?

To make it easier for you to choose the best cotton sheets, this article will explain several ways to choose good cotton sheets. Relax, all of the following methods are very easy for you to do.

Check The Fiber Content in Cotton Sheets

The first thing you can do to choose really good cotton sheets is to check the fiber content of the cotton sheets. The trick is to check the cotton sheets in detail. Good cotton sheets are certainly thicker and softer because a lot of fiber is used. The fibers used are also of high quality.

The quality of the fiber can also be seen from the type of cotton used. Premium cotton that is often used as cotton sheets is Extra Long Staple or ELS. An example is cotton from Puma and Egypt which is more durable and softer. However, this type of cotton sheet is more expensive than other types of cotton sheets.

Therefore, you can actually ask the shop owner about quality cotton sheets at quite affordable prices. Apart from that, you can also use cotton sheets, a mixture of polyester and cotton.

The fabric used in these mixed cotton sheets is a type of synthetic fabric, but the price of polyester is cheaper, doesn’t wrinkle easily, and is very durable. So, this could be the best cotton sheets for you.

Choose The Kind of Cotton Sheets You Want

Choose The Kind of Cotton Sheets You Want

Next, you can choose the type of cotton sheets according to your needs. In general, there are two types of cotton sheets that are widely used. Both are percale and satin.

Percale is a type of cotton sheet that has a lattice-like basic weave. It is lighter and has a fresh feel. So, you will not feel hot when using these cotton sheets. The second is satin, which has a fine weave like silk. However, most people prefer to use satin cotton sheets.

The Stitches on Cotton Sheets

In fact, this isn’t all that important when it comes to “how to buy cotton sheets.” However, you should know that the number of stitches on cotton sheets is not an important thing to pay attention to.

Many people say that a large number of stitches makes cotton sheets last longer. In fact, that’s not true. The reason is, cotton sheets with few stitches also have good quality if they are made in the right way and use the best raw materials.

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Adjust The Size of The Cotton Sheets with Your Mattress

how to buy cotton sheets

The most important thing you should also do is measure your mattress. Then, choose the size of the cotton sheets that have a size that fits your mattress.

In this way, the appearance of the cotton sheets will be perfect with the mattress. Also take into account the shrinkage of cotton sheets after washing. Usually, the size tolerance of cotton sheets is about 15 cm.

So, you can apply these 4 ways on “how to buy cotton sheets” to get the best quality cotton sheets. Also make sure that the cotton sheets you buy have a return policy. So, the next time something goes wrong with the cotton sheets and you want to return them, you can get a guarantee.

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