How to Clean AC Drain Line with Vinegar without Difficult Steps

How to clean AC drain line with vinegar in simple instructions? Your air conditioning system is just like your vehicle’s part.

Your air conditioner drain line can remove the condensation that forms as your air conditioner system removes excess moisture from the air.

So many people experience a clogged condensate drain line and they prefer to call professional repair for their air conditioner system.

You can prevent the air condensate drain line problem when you do regular care and do it yourself for air conditioner maintenance.

For you who find clogged condensate drain line problems, and want to clean it, you can try using vinegar.

You can prevent the problem by always cleaning the drain line regularly. You just need to pour ¼ cup of vinegar into your air conditioner’s drain line.

By using vinegar you can kill algae, mold, mildew, and some other forms of bacteria. It will prevent a clogged drain line.

You need to repeat this way regularly for the best result. For you who are still confused about how to clean AC drain line with vinegar, you just need to do step by step guide here.

Turn Off AC

You need to turn off your Ac. Why do you need to turn off your AC system? It prevents you from bad things related to electricity, when you clean your Ac.

Check The Location of the Condensate Drain Line

You need to locate your condensate drain line. You must know where the drain line located. Your drain line usually is located near the outdoor unit. It is attached to your house’s wall.

Identify the Access Point

Third, you need to identify the access point to reach the drain line. Most AC drain lines are made with a T-shaped vent tee with cover and cap. What you need to do is remove the cap at the top of your AC drain line. You can start to check the blockage.

Flush with Vinegar

Fourth, you can flush by using vinegar. You can flush with ¼ cup of vinegar to the drain line. The best vinegar that you can use is white vinegar.

Why do you need to use white vinegar rather than some other vinegar? White vinegar is good because it contains high acidity that will help to clean the drain line better and faster.

You can combine vinegar with peroxide or hot water to get a better result. Using dish soap is also good to clean the drain line in a maximum way.

Wait for the Process

Fifth, you need to wait for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you can flush the pipe out with water, and then please make sure that you make all things freely.

Repeat Cleaning Process Regularly

Sixth, you need to repeat the steps above each month. The algae, mold, and some bacteria will grow in fast time in your drain line.

That is why you need to clean it every month. It helps you to kill all bacteria, and at the same time, you can keep your AC’s performance in better condition.

If you don’t solve your clogged drain line’s problem, you can call a professional technician to come to your home and then clean your AC. Now, you can start to do steps by steps on how to clean AC drain line with vinegar.

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