How to Clean Air Conditioner Coils Without Complicated Steps

How to clean air conditioner coils in an easy way by yourself? Before you know some steps to clean the AC Coils, you need to know the reason for cleaning your AC coils regularly.

Keeping AC coils is crucial to keep your AC performance in a maximum way. You can save more energy too when you use your AC in good condition.

The ideal time to clean your AC is in the spring season but when you find that the coils are dirty then you better clean your AC coils.

Cleaning your AC coils can be done by yourself or you can ask help from the technician to help you.

When you like to save more money for your AC care cost, you better clean your AC coils by yourself. There are simple instructions that you can follow here.

There are two sections for cleaning your AC Coils. The first is Accessing the AC coils. The second is cleaning the AC coils.

Accessing the AC Coils

The first section on how to clean air conditioner coils is accessing your AC Coils. There are some steps to access your condenser coils.

  • When you clean your outdoor AC, you better shut it off from the power box first. If you like to clean indoor AC, you can unplug it first. Please make sure that you turn off the power.
  • You can clean the surrounding area of the outdoor AC. You can clean the plants growing near the AC unit.
  • You will need to use a screwdriver to lose screws and bolts and then remove the AC access panel. You can do it manually and please make sure that you keep all screws and bolts in the safe place.
  • If you find fans mounted on the AC grills, you need to remove them first.
  • After you access the outdoor AC coils, you can move to the next section.

Cleaning the AC Coils

The second section is the section to clean coils. You can follow the instructions to clean the coils below.

  • You need to clean out the drain pipe or drain passage of your AC. You can use bleach to clean the drain pan and drain pipe. It prevents algae from growing and clogging in the drainpipe of your AC unit.
  • You can remove debris and dirt. If you find dirt inside of the AC unit, you can clean it by using a vacuum cleaner. Please be careful to clean the fins part on the ac coils.
  • You need to check the compressor for oil leakages. If you notice this condition, you better contact the air conditioning service. You should not clean the motor or compressor by yourself when you find oil leakage because it will worsen the condition.
  • You can spray water on the AC coils to lose dirt.
  • You can use foam cleaner too for the condenser coils
  • You need to leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • The last step is using a fin comb to clean your AC coils.

After you finish cleaning the coils, the next step is to reassemble your air conditioner. You need to put the fan back in when you take out the fan.

You need to make sure that you put all things in the right place before you screw all of the screws and bolts. If everything is fine the cooling unit will work better.

If you still feel confused about how to clean air conditioner coils by yourself, you better get help from an expert to clean your AC coils.

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