How To Clean and Maintain A Septic Tank

A septic tank is a way of removing the wastewater from your home without being connected to the main sewage system. Many homes across Canada rely on a septic tank due to the fact they are located far away from any municipal services, and these tanks allow them to be self-sufficient.

Septic tanks will collect and store wastewater from the home and are designed to help the separation process.

It is this separation process that can result in blockages and other issues throughout your home’s pipework, which is why you need to remain diligent and stay on top of septic maintenance.

When Should I Clean My Septic Tank?

It is a Canadian law that all homeowners should clean and pump their septic tanks every couple of years. You can determine the timeline for your septic tank maintenance based on your location, but it is, on average, every couple of years when a complete septic pump needs to be done.

The length of time between each cleaning will vary based on your location as well as the number of rooms your home has.

While septic tanks are made to store wastewater long enough that it separates into sludge and scum, it cannot be left unattended forever. Following this separation process, it can be easy for solids or waste oils to transfer back into the pipework of your home and cause a blockage.

For the health and safety of everyone, you need to clean your septic tank every three to five years, based on your home and province.

How To Clean A Septic Tank?

You will hear people referring to this process as having to pump septic tanks because a large part of the process is pumping liquid in and out of the tank to loosen any waste.

Before a septic tank can be cleaned, it needs to be emptied of all liquids and solids. The nature of the waste being collected in these tanks can make it difficult to remove everything at once, which is why you need to pump septic tanks as well.

Cleaning companies will push liquid into the bottom of the tank and out again to loosen any remaining waste and completely eradicate any waste oils or liquid from the space.

Over the years, the layers of wastewater and solids in the septic tank can become quite large, which is why the cleaning process is so intensive. Pumping is designed to disturb the layers of grease, solids, and oils that have collected at the bottom of the septic tank over the years and loosen them enough to be removed.

Why Should I Clean My Septic Tank?

It is a legal requirement for all Candian homeowners to regularly clean and maintain their septic tanks.

The waste that collects in these tanks can be hazardous to both the home and the environment, so you must get things dealt with on time.

As this is such an extensive process, professional help is available.

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