Simple Steps on How to Clean Hardwood Floors the Right Way

Anyone that has a house with hardwood flooring needs to understand how to clean hardwood floors appropriately. Proper cleaning will ensure the longevity of the flooring itself in its various aspects. The flooring will remain appealing and last for a long time. So, how to do it appropriately?

Regular Sweeping

It may sound simple but it is one of the right ways to clean hardwood flooring. It is the easiest way to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime from happening.

More importantly, it reduces the frequency of harder cleaning for the flooring. It is advisable to do this every day or once in two days according to the traffic in the area with the hardwood floor itself.

Regular Vacuuming

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Vacuuming the floor comes after sweeping to take away fine particles on the floor surface. It is the best way to clean all of the things missed by sweeping.

Keep in mind that sweeping and vacuuming is a perfect pair for this matter. So, it is best to do it one after another for the best cleaning result.

Proper Mopping

Next, how to clean hardwood floors is to mop the surface the right way. It is okay to mop the floor using water without any cleaner or soap.

The use of a cleaner will be necessary when the condition of the floor surface is really bad. Using cleaner too much or too often will be disadvantageous for the wood.

Keep in mind not to use too much water when mopping wooden flooring. It is inappropriate to pour water directly onto the surface of the floor.

Use a damp cloth to do the mopping and avoid creating standing water along the way. Standing water will eventually damage the flooring in the future.

Using the Right Cleaner

Using appropriate cleaners

When it comes time to do a harder cleaning for the floor, it is time to use a cleaner or soap. It is best to find the right cleaner for the flooring accordingly.

Using appropriate cleaners is one of the pivotal aspects of how to clean hardwood floors. So, pay attention when buying a cleaner for this purpose.

Handling Scratches

There is no need to worry when there are scratches on the hardwood flooring. A stain marker or a wax stick will be beneficial to fix some scratches.

Of course, the scratches will only be visible after a thorough cleaning of the flooring surface. It is best to observe and check the floor after performing regular cleaning.

Polishing the Floor

The final touch after the floor is clean is to polish it. There are many products to polish wooden flooring which are necessary for this step.

Proper polishing returns the shine of the floor surface and protects it as well. Therefore, it is a necessary thing to do after those appropriate steps in cleaning hardwood flooring.

Keeping the best state of a hardwood floor surface is not difficult at all. It is also easy to find the supplies for this particular cleaning. Keep in mind to do those things on how to clean hardwood floors regularly for the best result.

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