How To Clean Refrigerator Coils: Step by Step

Let’s admit it: your refrigerator becomes your best buddy in the summer. Nothing beats the first taste of a cold drink to keep you hydrated when the weather is scorching, and you are unwilling to think about how and where you’d be without your freezer. A summer day without ice is a summer you will not enjoy.

Maintaining Your Buddy in the Summer

Because so much is depending on it, this season’s green tip focuses on maintaining your favorite appliance in good working order. Then you’ll need to learn how to clean refrigerator coils.

Vacuuming the evaporator coil on the back and bottom of the refrigerator twice a year to remove dust and grease is part of regular refrigerator cleaning.

Those coils are crucial for pushing heat away, so cleaning them will assist them in keeping the interior of your refrigerator colder more efficiently.

This will not only efficiently keep items cool, but it will also use less power, saving you money and benefiting the environment. That’s really great.

So, how do you clean refrigerator coils? We’ve written out the procedure for vacuuming those coils for you on a step-by-step basis:

1. Move the Refrigerator Off the Wall Carefully

How To Clean Refrigerator Coils

You must be able to move it around with relative ease because your refrigerator most likely has wheels right on the bottom.

But be careful not to harm your kitchen floor by moving too quickly. (Note: If the coils are located at the bottom, you don’t have to do this.)

2. Unplug Your Refrigerator

Absolutely, you must. Before completing any appliance repair, always turn off the power. Nothing can go wrong, yet if the alternative is electrocution, you would rather not take the chance.

3. Find the Coils

These coils should be placed in one of two locations:

  • On the back: It should be easily visible. Check for something like a metal grid linked to the appliance’s rear.
  • At the bottom: Here’s where things become complicated. You don’t want to tip your fridge over, so coils on its bottom generally have such a grate in the front which you can remove then clean with a vacuum cleaner. Look for the grating under the door and carefully remove it. If you are having difficulty, see your owner’s handbook for more detailed instructions.

4. Begin Vacuuming

Vacuuming refrigerator

Just use brush attachment on the hose of the vacuum cleaner. The crevice tool could also come in helpful. There are also vacuum attachments designed just for fridge coils, so check into that.

Spend some time and don’t force it if you’re trying to get as much filth off from the coils as possibly without damaging it.

While you’re on it, clean the generally unreachable spots surrounding the refrigerator. Vacuum the floor beneath the refrigerator and wipe all over the sides and back of the refrigerator. You’re already moving things out of the way, why not benefit on the situation?

5. Remove Any Tenacious Dirt with the Paintbrush

It isn’t necessary to be perfect, but dig into all the hidden spaces to get everything as clean as possible.

6. Clean Up Any Dirt That Has Fallen onto the Floor

You can definitely clean up the mess made by the brush on the floor right now.

7. Replace Its Front Plate If the Coils Fell Off the Bottom

If the coils were placed in the back, reconnect the refrigerator then push it back to its place.

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