Lawn Maintenance 101: How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Luscious 

As a homeowner, ensuring your home has a beautiful lawn in the front of it is an often-overlooked task. However, learning why lawn maintenance matters will cause any homeowner to no longer neglect their greenery.

Additionally, learn how to actually keep your lawn alive and well to reap the many benefits that come from active lawn maintenance.

Why Does Lawn Maintenance Matter?

There are two primary ways in which lawn maintenance benefits a homeowner: money and comfort. First, from a monetary perspective, lawncare can raise the value of a home by 15 to 20 percent more when listing a home for resale.

Going beyond this, having a lawn that is well maintained and taken care of can make a homeowner feel far prouder about the home they own.

As you drive up to your front door after a long day at work, seeing a well-maintained front yard amidst poorly maintained neighbor’s yards can make you feel a sense of accomplishment that can be hard to get otherwise.

5 Ways to Keep Your Law Maintained

With monetary and general comfort benefits, ensuring that your lawn stays maintained should always be a top priority as a homeowner.

However, knowing the importance of law maintenance and knowing where to start are two entirely different things. Use the following five tips to enhance the greenery around your home:

1. Water your lawn regularly

Water your lawn regularly

While it seems like an obvious tip, watering your lawn is something that many homeowners neglect first. Unless you have seeds actively growing in the ground, you do not need water your lawn on a daily basis, with two to three times a week being the best option.

To that end, it’s important to learn that choosing the right sprinkler heads for your irrigation system can make or break the efficiency of watering a lawn. Make the right sprinkler choice in order to ensure your lawn receives adequate water.

2. Feed your lawn regularly

Prepare your soil by watering the ground ahead of time, followed by spreading fertilizer across the entire space, starting with the outsides and working your way in. This will ensure that your lawn remains fed over time.

Depending on the type of plants you have with your landscaping, you may need to use different fertilizers for different parts. It’s best to do a full feeding of your lawn every 5-6 years on average, as anymore can overload the plants in your yard.

3. Mow your grass on a weekly basis

How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Luscious

At the very least, you should mow your lawn weekly during the spring and summer seasons in order to keep grass looking fresh. Depending on where you live, you may need to adjust this timeframe to be more or less often.

While experts debate the proper time to mow the lawn, the most commonly agreed upon time is in the early evening to ensure grass can stay moisturized. Whether you do it by yourself or you hire a professional to do it on your behalf, be sure to mow your grass.

4. Don’t be afraid to invest in weed control

Weed control can undoubtedly be expensive, but it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the overall health of your plants remains intact.

While you may be able to handle weeds on your own, getting rid of their roots can be a challenge. Weed control professionals specialize in getting into hard to reach places where roots form and removing them to prevent further growth.

5. Test your soil whenever necessary

Test your soil whenever necessary

In some cases, the reason your lawn may be dying quickly is due to the fact that the soil itself has become tainted. It’s important to test the soil in your lawn occasionally to see if it has become poisoned by anything.

Fertilizer and watering are a great start, but certain issues with lawns can persist beyond this normal maintenance. Soil tests will inform you what specific problem your lawn is having, which can be helpful for designing steps to repair the damage your lawn has suffered.

Ensure your grass is always greener

While maintaining the health of your lawn may not be your first priority currently, you should focus on placing an emphasis on these tasks.

The above five tips can help anybody turn their lawn from looking dead and derelict to green and luscious in no time at all. For those who have left their lawn untended for a long time, consider replanting seeds to grow your lawn from scratch.

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