6 Ways on How to Make Your AC Colder

The use of AC is to reach the comfort of a room. A fresh room makes you feel comfortable and enjoyable staying longer. The desired temperature can be set together with an AC remote since you buy it the first time.

There will be some steps on how to make your ac colder and fresh maximally. Here they are.

1. Determining the Standard Temperature of Your AC

The first way to do this is to select the most appropriate standard temperature for a room. You need to adjust the temperature together with the temperature situation outside of the room.

It means that you must set a balanced temperature between indoors and outdoors. The standard temperature is usually less than 22 to 25 degrees Celsius.

2. Reducing AC Temperature Gradually

If you think the AC temperature is not maximal, you can reduce the temperature gradually until you get the right temperature.

You can reduce one degree lower until you get the most appropriate temperature. Thus, don’t press randomly to the lowest temperature. It is dangerous because you can ruin the temperature levels of your air conditioner.

3. Selecting Cool Mode on Air Conditioner

After that, make sure that your air conditioner is in a cool mode. It is the right way how to make your ac colder. This mode enables ac working to make your room colder maximally.

The model usually has a together sign with a particular symbol. This mode helps a room temperature freshener and colder quickly. However, during the rainy season, the temperature tends to be wet.

4. Setting a Maximal Fan Turn

The next way is to maximize an AC fan turn. You can do this if the temperature is not too low or 16 degrees Celsius. You can adjust the turn of the AC fan turn to the highest level.

Of course, it will make the air colder quickly in the whole room. However, you must consider the direction of the air conditioner wind in which it doesn’t direct to your body because it can cause health problems.

5. Using Swing Mode on Air Conditioner

The next way is to set the mode swing on the air conditioner. You can see it on an indoor air conditioner unit in which it has useful members to adjust to the direction of AC’s wind.

You can maximize the room temperature by collaborating the functions of this ac. You can function in a swing mode to the ac remote.

A swing mode is useful to move AC up and down gradually. It is helpful to make the fan wind of AC colder and evenly to the whole room.

6. Don’t Make Your AC Work Harder

Don’t force your AC to work harder to reach the lowest temperature if the outside room temperature is high. When you force it, it doesn’t make your room colder.

One of the mistakes is forcing this ac to reach an unideal temperature in hot weather. Of course, it will damage your ac condition.

It only makes your ac work harder but it can’t reach the colder temperature. Those are some ways how to make your ac colder with easy steps.

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