The Ways on How to Stop Neighbors Dog from Peeing in My Yard

If you find the answer on how to stop neigbors dog from peeing in my yard, you should apply the right tricks. It is nothing worse than going home with a bad smell of peeing when you see your grass yard.

However, the actor is your neighbors’ dog. Of course, it is very annoying. You must stop then. These are some ways of stopping them.

Negotiating to Your Neighbors

If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, they will apologize for the mess of their dogs. Of course, they will offer to clean it for you.

They will let you know that they will monitor their dog and ensure that it won’t happen again.

However, if they don’t care about their dogs in your yard, you must approach them. You go to their house when they are not busy. Talk about this problem to them carefully.

Installing Fences

When you have discussed longer with your neighbor, you can do the other ways on how to stop neighbors dog from peeing in my yard. You can install fences.

The fence is helpful to protect you from the other disturbances. If you think that it significantly reduces the visual interest of your yard, you can use anti-dog plants or bush to prevent dogs from entering your yard.

You can manage the fence. Though it is not 100% effective, it can help you to decrease the chance of neighbor dogs being in your yard to be their toilet.

Using a Dog Repellent

how to stop neigbors dog from peeing in my yard

Another way is using a dog repellent. You can use both natural and artificial repellents. Dogs have sensitive noses so that they will recognize odors easily.

Smelling a particular aroma will be unpleasant. You can use that odor to prevent it. Dogs dislike spices. You can put dried spices with a strong aroma in your yard.

Of course, your neighbor dogs will be discouraged from your garden and yard.

You can also use an artificial repellent. Natural repellents like spices are not always working. It may work for some dogs but it doesn’t work for others.

You can go to the pet shop to buy this repellent. It has a stronger aroma making it efficient to keep your neighbor dogs away from your property.

Changing Fertilizer

Changing fertilizer is helpful. Your neighbor dogs love going to no odor. Thus, you can change your fertilizer.

The dogs will think twice to enter your yard. Organic fertilizer can smell well for pets. You must conduct research before using it.

Making Dogs Difficult to Walk on Your Yard

Dogs can get interested in your yard because they love the texture. It becomes a reason why you must add pines to be mulled to your garden.

It is helpful to avoid dogs stepping on it. They will realize that it feels uncomfortable walking in your yard. Then, they will find other places to pee.

Those are some ways on how to stop neighbors dogs from peeing in my yard. Those will work when you implement the steps well ordered.

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