How To Take Care Of Outdoor Furniture Made From Teak Wood

Teak is a favorite wood preferred by most to make outdoor furniture, and for a good reason. Teak wood is durable and requires very little maintenance to preserve its natural beauty.

Teak is originally golden in color, smooth in texture with tight grains. It’s rich in natural oils and high in rubber, making it resistant to insects, harsh weather even if left untreated.

If you have teak garden furniture and you’re looking for tips on how to take care of it, then you are in the right place.

Caring for teak wood

How you care for your teak furniture will depend on how you want your furniture to appear. Is it its original color of honey brown or the color it changes after weathering with time – silver-gray?

When teak furniture is new, it usually spots a polished golden brown color look that’s generally because of oils found in the wood.

But with time, when the furniture is exposed to sunlight, the natural oils evaporate, and the wood starts to change its color.

Both states of color are completely normal and unique to teak’s aging process. The aging process of teak will not affect the quality of wood rather than improve its aesthetic quality.

However, if you do not want your teak furniture to change color and still maintain its honey glow, there are different products you can buy and use to preserve the wood.

If you want the furniture to age with grace, then you only need to routinely clean and dust them from time to time.

Maintaining aged teak wood

Most people clean their teak furniture as needed and let the aging process continue for the teak to change to its beautiful silver-gray color.

Taking care of weathered teak doesn’t need a lot of work. Clean the wood with soap and water or brush with a soft brush to remove stains and dust build-up.

How long it will take your teak furniture to change color will depend on your location. It usually takes 5 to 12 months.

Maintaining natural teak wood

If you want to maintain your teak garden furniture in its natural golden color, then there are products you can purchase from the store to use.

Another thing you will also need to ensure is you keep the furniture under a shade. For example, you can cover the furniture using parasols which will protect them from direct sunlight.

Once you notice it has started to change the color, you can always sand the furniture to restore it to its natural golden color.

Cleaning your teak furniture

Over time garden furniture accumulates dirt, debris, and stains. Cleaning teak wood is not hard, and regular water and soap will do the job.

For mildew and tough stains, you can use some house bleach and a brush to clean it. Ensure you rinse the soap and bleach thoroughly with clean water.

Remember never to use a power washer to clean your teak wooden furniture because it can roughen and scour the wooden surface.

Also, don’t use steel wool to try and scrub off tough spots because it will leave some residue and create rust stains.

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