How to Turn a Garage into a Room Cheap in 6 Steps

You may get confused about what you can do with an unused garage at home? Surprisingly, you can do so many things with the garage, including creating a new room. You can even turn your garage into a room on a budget. Learn how to turn a garage into a room cheap below.

Apply a Carpet or Floating Wood Flooring

The first thing you can do to change an unused garage into a room is by applying a carpet or floating wood flooring. The cost is relatively affordable because you don’t need to remove the concrete slab floor.

Covering the floor with a carpet is enough to change the ambiance of the garage. Alternatively, you can also use vinyl titles. This material is not only affordable but also easy to install.

Build Stud Walls

Building stud walls is another affordable trick to turn an unused garage into a cozy room. Build the walls about 3 inches from the existing garage walls.

Drywall is one of the most economical options for this project. You can use this material to cover the ceiling. This material is also easy to install. 5/8-inch-thick drywalls are enough to make this room feel comfortable.

Install an Air Conditioning System

Installing an air conditioning system is crucial. It is a solution to make the area feel comfortable. Indeed, this trick is the answer to how to turn a garage into a room cheap.

Remember to create at least 1 square foot of vent opening to get good airflow in the garage. Creating windows is also crucial to creating a comfortable room.

Paint the Walls with Light Colors

You don’t have to rebuild the garage with a more spacious size. It takes a lot of money. Instead of doing that, try to paint the garage walls with light colors. Then, mount mirrors in the room. This simple trick will make the room look more spacious than the original size.

Decluttering the stuff in the Garage

Indeed, you have to get rid of the stuff in the garage you will not use in the room. This process gives you more space than you have ever imagined before.

It means that you can explore your creativity to turn the unused garage into a room. A clean garage helps you to decide what to do with it a lot easier.

Decide Things You Want to Keep and Replace

You also have to decide the things in the garage that you want to use or change during the renovation project. The garage door is one of the main considerations. In this case, you can seal the door or build a wall inside the door without removing it.

This trick is a more affordable way since you don’t need to remove the door. It is okay if you want to remove the door and replace it with a regular one or build a solid wall.

The information above explains how to turn a garage into a room cheap. The most important thing is finishing the garage renovation project first. Then, you can start to think about the interior of the room.

That’s it! The unused garage is gone and it turns into a comfortable room. Best of all, you do the project on a budget.

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