7 Enlightening Ideas for LED Light Strips You Shouldn’t Skip

Thinking about adding a decorative touch to your home but you are on a tight budget? Consider LED light strips to decorate beyond your imagination. Load your brain with ideas for LED light strips and your home will never be the same again.

LED strips are versatile to add creative flair to every room, thanks to its flexibility. It is also available in various colors and length to meet your decorative preferences. Bring every room to life with the following LED light strip ideas.

1. Border Your Ceilings and Walls

Border Your Ceilings and Walls

The easiest and most popular idea to adorn your room with LED strips is bring them to the ceiling. Stretch the strips along the ceiling to set the right ambiance.

Besides, it creates a dramatic effect to the entire space. You can use this idea for all rooms like living room, bedroom, and even bathroom.

2. Create Dramatic Hallway

Create Dramatic Hallway

Need to create a dramatic entrance for your guests? This is one of the best ideas for LED light strips to take into account.

Illuminate the dark area on your drop ceiling to add sophisticated flair to the hallway. You can also apply the strips above the door to create a fabulous luminesce gate.

3. Classy Walls with LED Light Strips

Classy Walls with LED Light Strips

Add a classy touch to your living room with yellow LED tapes. This is one of the best LED lighting ideas for home that is simple yet it works just great to add perspective in your space.

Besides creating a dimensional look, it also provides a warm and friendly ambiance to make your guests feel comfortable.

4. Brighten Your Bathroom

Brighten Your Bathroom

Ribbon lights work literally everywhere including in your bathroom. The application of LED tapes in dark areas such as ceiling, behind the toilet, or behind bathroom mirror can spice up your old and boring bathroom. You have tons of options when it comes to colors and lengths.

5. Playful Man Cave

ideas for LED light strips

LED light strips are a must in every man cave. Besides giving a nice accent to the entire space, ribbon lights can serve as a highlighter.

These ideas for LED light strips work well to highlight your favorite collectibles or knick-knacks. Use either white or yellow ribbon lights but you need to avoid colorful ones.

6. Levitating Bed

Levitating Bed

A simple idea with LED light strips can make your bedroom completely different. Install a ribbon light under the bed to create a magnificent levitating effect. Good news, this project is super easy to do so you don’t have to call the professionals.

If you want to spruce up the bedroom but you cannot afford extra fixtures, this ribbon light idea is worth trying.

7. Luminous Kitchen Island

Luminous Kitchen Island

Bring your kitchen to the next level with LED light strips. Installing ribbon lights everywhere in your kitchen can help set the right mood. You can apply the flexible tapes under the kitchen island, under the cabinet, and even inside the drawers.

There are so many ideas for LED light strips to adorn your home. With great flexibility, it is suitable in every place from the living room to the kitchen. Choose the right color option to evoke the right nuance.

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