8 Indoor Staircase Lighting Ideas for Different Interior

Lighting for the stairway is an important element because it relates to the safety of everyone who uses it. It can be tricky, especially at night.

So you have to build the lighting carefully. Here are some indoor staircase lighting ideas to make the staircase safe to use anytime.

1. Lighting on The Side Wall

Lighting on The Side Wall

This is the cheapest idea you can execute for the indoor stairs. The wall is no longer plain because the lamps are sticking to the wall.

You need two lamps for each stair and place them both right and left. You need special interior design to make this style wireless.

2. Lights on The Staircase Wall

Lights on The Staircase Wall

The lights on the staircase wall are the most popular style. Many people tend to choose this as how to light the way upstairs.

The lamp consists of two or three with good light quality. It is usually a yellow light with different heights of placement. The stairs look more romantic.

3. Classic Simple Bulb

Classic Simple Bulb

The classic simple bulb is placed low, close to the steps. It is one of the indoor staircase lighting ideas which is very simple and cheap. You can have each step pattern or 1-0-1-0 pattern to place the bulbs. It helps the user to step on the stairs carefully.

4. Stainless Frame Light

Stainless Frame Light

A stainless frame light is a modern style that fits many themes of interior design. The light is from LED with a round stainless frame.

It looks simple and minimalist, but the placement is perfect if one step has one light. The stairway looks better at night when the lights are on.

5. Hung Lamps above The Stairs

Hung Lamps above The Stairs

The hung lamps for indoor staircase lighting ideas are a fancy idea to execute. It is good if you have three stages of stairs which means the lamps are hanging on the empty side in the middle. The lamps should be hanging well with different heights of wires.

6. Underneath The Steps

Indoor Staircase Lighting Ideas

This style is not as popular as others since the installation might be harder than others. The lamps are placed underneath the steps of the stairs. It is LED that will shine brightly when it is night. It is a safe option because the placement is hidden.

7. Simple Strip Light

Simple Strip Light

The simple strip light is placed vertically on the stall for each step. It is a good option for the stairs that have a few steps. This style is popular for interior design that has an industrial look. It is easy to install and this model has been popular.

8. Sticking LED on Steps

Sticking LED on Steps

Another style you can consider is the sticking LED on the steps. The lights look fancier and it is a modern style that is popular. However, the lights should be stuck on the side of the stairs, so it is safe to use.

The importance of indoor staircase lighting ideas is very high. It is impossible to let it dark without any lights around because it is dangerous to walk up and down there. Follow those ideas above and choose the best lighting for the staircase in your house interior.

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