10 Best Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas, Which Revitalize Your Eyes!

Indoor Swimming Pool – Having an indoor swimming pool is a must for every homeowner. The cost involved in putting up the indoor pool is however quite high, making many people not to go this route.

Figure out a situation where you have sparkling and clear water in an indoor swimming pool in your home throughout the year, despite the fluctuations in weather.

The indoor swimming pool can be of many types ranging from gunite, fiberglass or vinyl-lined. The installations and fittings used can be simple or very complicated too.

Most people do add the changing room, steam rooms, saunas, wet bars and showers, exercise facilities and many other resources to their indoor pool installations to come up with a health spa atmosphere. Any possibilities for indoor swimming pool ideas are therefore limited only by imagination and budget.

Despite the costs, an indoor swing pool has much more benefits than you think; the majority of which are related to your health.

  • Having a swimming pool is, of course, good for your health. Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise for people of all ages.
  • Cleaning an indoor swimming pool is much easier than an outdoor one because there is less debris getting in the pool.
  • The temperature in the indoor swimming pool can be controlled hence anyone can swim any time of the day and year.
  • The indoor pool also offers a private environment for the family. 

Whether to have an indoor pool or not is entirely dependent on the costs involved.

When planning for the pool’s design, take into consideration the size of the area available for the pool. For some bit of luxury in your home, having an indoor pool is the way to go.

Some of the ideas to put into consideration when one wants to have an indoor swimming pool at their home are:

1. Is indoor swimming pool necessary in the first place?

choosing swimming pool

First, you have to ask yourself if the indoor swimming pool is the ideal thing for you. Why do you want it to be included as one of the amenities of your home? There are some questions that once you have their answers, then you are good to go.

  • What is the primary purpose of building the pool? Is it just for family luxury or professional swimming
  • Is it for doing regular exercises?
  • Do you have children around or is it for adults only. If there are young ones, you need to consider having one shallow end where they can relax and have some fun.
  • Is it the best choice for you? 

2. Cost of constructing the pool

awesome pool

After you have made the decision that you need the indoor pool, the next thing to think of is the amount of money available for making the pool. It is true that the cost of building an indoor pool is high.

Is it a simple basic pool or will it be a resort-style made of equipment that is high tech? Are the required materials available locally or you have to get them from far away places?

It’s, of course, challenging to make a comparison on the amount of money needed to have a plunge pool and a large family pool.

Also, there is a difference between a pool that has been reinforced using concrete and finished using glass mosaic tiles versus a fiberglass design that has a pebble or painted finish.

Indoor pools do not have to deal with freezing or thawing cycles, so it is possible to use a range of materials, such as ceramic waterline tiles and glass.

But once you have made the decision, it means that you are ready to incur all the costs to come up with a swimming pool that is up to standard.

Keep it in mind that for the pool to appear as part of the house, you have to incorporate it in the plan of the home at the time of construction or during the renovation.

Since the pool is part of the house, you do not have to compromise on the quality at all. In any case, it could be an area prone to a lot of risks.

Go for the best materials for fitting. Do not compromise on the quality while trying to cut down on costs. Once you are for it, do the best you can wholeheartedly.

3. Shape and design of the pool

oval swimming pool

There is a wide variety of designs to choose from depending on the available space and the costs set aside for constructing the indoor pool.

Rectangular indoor pools are the typical type and boring too. You can as well go for one that is round or oval shaped or even square.

The simpler the shape, the better for you. There is no need of coming up with designs which might even make it difficult to use. Do not complicate things; just keep it simple but elegant.

The design of the indoor should take into consideration the purpose of the pool. It should be done professionally too and enhance the lifestyle of the owner. It should also be economical to run and maintain.

4. Power bills for indoor swimming pool

best lighting pool

In the current market, there a lot of products that may reduce the consumption of power and water for indoor pools. They include energy saving pool pumps, solar pool heaters, LED lights, and Trident robotic pool cleaners.

It is advisable to go for these energy saving filtration products to help cut down on the electricity bills.

In areas with off-peak power, make use of the tariff especially at night, and at the end of it, you will be able to save a good amount of dollars.

Do not forget to make the pool eco-friendly or more sustainable.

5. Proper lighting

Proper lighting pool

Avoid at all costs positioning the indoor pool at a dark place for the safety of the users. If possible, allow for natural light by surrounding it using windows, sliding doors or skylights. After sunset, you will also require enough lighting for night enjoyment and safety.

Combining underwater lighting and wall sconces will give a beautiful illumination. If possible, avoid overhead lights; they are difficult to reach especially when you need to change them.

You can instead go for fiber optic cables that use illumination which is remotely controlled if you need lighting near the ceiling.

In case the pool is located at the basement, you will have no option but to install artificial light

Select long-lasting bulbs and those that catch the eyes of areas that you cannot access easily. Otherwise, you can opt for optical cable features, ceiling lights, or remotely controlled illumination.

However, the light should not be too bright to attract unwanted attention, especially at night.

Having enough light in the pool area is very crucial for the sake of safety. On the other hand, there will be times when you require some muted lights and an atmosphere that is romantic and cozy. The lighting system should be easy to adjust.

In short, you can control everything about your aquatic environment in an indoor pool including lighting.

6. Proper Ventilation

proper ventilation

Several risks come with swimming pools that are inside the house when it comes to humidity and moisture. That’s why you need to have enough ventilation filters to maintain them.

Ensure the humidity level is about 50-60 percent, by exchanging humid air for fresh, drier air or install a dehumidification system.

Any dehumidification system should be in such a way that it doesn’t allow air to be forced across the surface of the pool, as it might increase the rate of evaporation. But the air should be distributed evenly over the outside walls to avoid condensation.

Use an automatic pool cover to reduce evaporation and humidity.

Even if located in a separate place where you cannot directly see outside, you can connect it with a glass door to let in fresh air.

Pools which are in the basement require close and regular ventilation treatment to ensure there is proper circulation of air. A well-ventilated area is good and appears to be fresh always, not to forget the health benefits.

Proper deck drainage is also crucial in preventing puddling, which eventually leads to evaporation and high humidity levels.

You can install a radiant heating system on the floor, to help in drying any standing water and ensure that barefooted users during winter are not exposed to cold. If possible go for the services of an expert specifically one dealing with issues of humidity.

7. Non-slippery surface

carpet for pool

Pay particular attention to the floor surrounding the pool. The floor surface should be comfortable for the swimmers even if not so good looking. There are a wide range of materials in the market that is nonslippery. Quartz Carpet is among the favorite choices.

8. Durability

durability pool

Do not underestimate the importance of walls and ceilings in the pool area. Avoid wooden elements inside the area as they are prone to damages. Remember you have to deal with humidity here.

Other than having the pool area look stunning and stylish, you have to ensure that it is durable. You’d instead have the indoor swimming pool area look boring but at the end be safe.

Use materials that can withstand humidity such as glass, acrylic, enamel, ceramics, high gloss paint, etc.

Suspended ceilings in indoor pools are components relevant for safety too. Choosing materials that are under tension should be done with a lot of care. More so, if the selection of unsuitable, stainless steels can cause problems with cracking due to stress corrosion.

What about the ladders? Ladders are usually used to get in and out of the pool. Ensure that they are easy to reach, stable and adequately enlightened. They also need to be tightly fixed, secured and of durable water resistant material.

9. Let creativity be at the forefront

waterfall swimming pool

When through with the technical part, next you should start thinking about how the pool will look like as well as the comfort that it is supposed to give.

Do you have any favorite colors you intend to use? The color chosen should, however, complement the entire home décor.

You only need to be brave and experiment what you think will work for you.

Think of all the activities such as parties and dining that you can do in the vicinity of the indoor pool. You can also check indoor pools online to have a glimpse of the creative details such as waterfalls and fountains that can lead to achieving a joyful experience.

Based on what you will get from these sources, be rest assured that you will fall in love with your pool even before it is made.

10. Connect it to the external area

best pool ideas

If possible, the pool should be situated close to an exit. If done in such a way, it will be easier for you to come into contact with the outside environment using a French window or a folding door.

The exit will complement the pleasure of swimming especially when you need to feel the outdoor heat.

Finally, right from the time you are selecting the design, all the way to purchasing the materials and installation, a lot of professionalism is needed. Seek professional advice from the experts in all the stages of making the pool.

Avoid being cheap when putting up an indoor swimming pool. A cheap pool is usually a bad pool. It really is!

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