7 Beautiful Japanese Style Homes to Adopt in Your Space

Japanese houses, also known as minka, are so authentic that people can instantly distinguish it from others.

Japanese style homes typically blend lifestyle, nature, and tradition which bring serenity and tranquility. If you plan to adopt this style, these designers’ ideas can be your source of inspiration.

1. Round Shoji Door Is a Must

Round Shoji Door Is a Must

Shoji is a traditional Japanese door which has been used in Japanese houses for centuries. Using wooden lattice frames and thin paper screen, you can bring this element to decorate your interior. Incorporate a solid wood round frame and install a traditional sliding door for authenticity.

Decorate your interior with a solid wood round door frame. Not only does it separate your rooms, but it also helps accentuate Japanese style in your space.

2. Embrace the Nature with Indoor Plants

Embrace the Nature with Indoor Plants

Japanese house design feels relaxing and peaceful because it embraces the nature. If you want to copy the concept, consider having indoor plants on the center of your house. Besides creating a natural decoration, it also adds freshness and supplies oxygen for you.

All plants need light to thrive, that’s why you need to provide them a sunroof. As a bonus, the sunroof keeps your indoor bright during the day.

3. Tatami Flooring for Authentic Japanese Look

Beautiful Japanese Style Homes

Consider using tatami flooring to create Japanese style homes effortlessly. This floor covering is usually made of thick straw base that not only generates a strong Japanese accent but also keeps your feet warm and comfortable. Good news, tatami is commonly available in furniture shops in affordable price.

4. Keep the Furniture Low to the Ground

Keep the Furniture Low to the Ground

Traditional Japanese houses use mats instead of chairs to describe modesty and minimalism. But if you insist on incorporating chairs in your modern house, keep them low to the ground to maintain the concept. Choose low profile chairs and tables to meet the nature and authenticity of Japanese houses.

5. Modern Japanese Glass Windows

Modern Japanese Glass Windows

Combining traditional and modern concepts can create a unique and distinctive Japanese home style just like this photo.

It is designed with a huge glass window with wooden lattice, which is not common in old houses. But it maintains the use of wooden posts that accentuates a traditional Japanese look.

6. Japanese-Inspired Modern House

Japanese-Inspired Modern House

This is another designer’s photo that will inspire you if you opt for a Japanese-inspired modern house. Despite all the modern elements from huge glass windows to concrete wall, it maintains a slight Japanese look from the roofing and flooring.

The strongest Japanese accent comes from the Zen garden that features white sand, rock, and greeneries.

7. Ranch Home with a Japanese Touch

Ranch Home with a Japanese Touch

If you cannot decide between a ranch house or Japanese house, you can copy this idea. This ranch house is designed with a bold Japanese touch that creates an exquisite result. Wooden posts, sliding doors, and the details are inspired from Japanese house but it doesn’t eliminate the ranch style.

Japanese style homes look peaceful with all elements it has from material choices to shapes and arrangement. Feel free to adopt these ideas to build a modern or traditional Japanese house.

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