7 Jaw-dropping Landscape Ideas for Front of House

Front yard landscaping is a fun project. Not only does it help ensure a good first impression, but also it can improve the visual of your entire exterior. There are so many landscape ideas for front of house you can try, ranging from planting evergreen shrubs to building a decorative pathway.

Colorful perennials and lush greeneries are pleasing to the eye. With a little effort and creative mind, you can landscape the front yard and make it look adorable all year round. If you are ready to be an envy of the neighborhood, the following ideas will help you out.

1. Retaining Wall for Extra Privacy

Retaining Wall for Extra Privacy

Building a retaining wall may sound costly and complex but the result is worthwhile. Retaining walls are not just effective to prevent soil from sliding.

It can make your front yard look aesthetic and well-treated. Besides, it can prevent pedestrians from looking directly into your home.

2. Consider Perennials for Long Lasting Beauty

Consider Perennials for Long Lasting Beauty

Landscaping your front yard is never fun without perennial flowers. Tons of perennials offer colorful flowers that bring your outdoor landscape to life like bellflower, black-eyed Susan, hydrangea, and many more. Not to mention they can boost your curb appeal.

These landscape ideas for front of house are simple, cost-efficient, and totally interesting. Feel free to mix multiple types of perennials and see how they upgrade your garden.

3. Concrete Paver Walkway

Concrete Paver Walkway

Need a simple pathway to enjoy your beautiful landscape? Build a concrete paver walkway so you can walk freely without messing up the plants. Cement paving is also a perfect element to create a clean- and neat-looking outdoor landscape.

4. Unique Planters for Curb Appeal

Unique Planters for Curb Appeal

If you want some greeneries but you don’t have much time to take care of them, consider front of house landscaping plants that are easy to maintain. Plant them in aesthetic planters to boost curb appeal effortlessly.

5. Play with Height

Play with Height

Plant choices are not the only thing to consider when landscaping your front yard. Arrangement plays a key role to the success of your project. These landscape ideas for front of house adopt layering technique to make sure plants with different height remain visible.

How to work with layering on landscaping is quite simple. Plant taller shrubs on the back and place short perennial flowers near your walkway.

6. Colorful Flowers for Attractive Front Yard

Colorful Flowers for Attractive Front Yard

Brighten up your front yard with colorful flowers. This landscaping idea is simple and easy to make but it works amazingly to redefine your outdoor. Start with making a planter to separate the areas so your beautiful flowers can get all the attention.

7. More Greens More Natural

Landscape ideas for front of house

The best way to create a natural-looking yard is by keeping it green with different kinds of shrubs, perennials, and flower plants. As long as you keep them in a good shape, they will turn your outdoor landscape into a beautiful natural garden.

Improving your outdoor landscape can be either simple or complex depending on your preferences. Now that you know landscape ideas for front of house, it should be easier to make a decision. Pick your favorite and get ready for front yard revamp project.

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