Lotus Flower Meaning for Life and Symbolism

Lotus is an aquatic water that can live in many types of water, even when the water is dirty. It has many colors and always grows beautifully with a single flower. The lotus flower meaning is identical to rebirth because of the number of the petals and its adaptive behavior.

We can easily find lotus flowers in many areas in East Asia and the Pacific. It only grows in a small-stream or steady-water environment like a pond. It can bloom all year in tropical areas and in the subtropical spring. Check out how the flower has meaning in general for the positivity of life.


lotus flower meaning is rebirth

The main lotus flower meaning is rebirth. This is a symbol that comes because the flower can reproduce its petals when it blooms. Whenever the flower dies, this aquatic plant will emerge a new flower. This is why the flower becomes a symbol of rebirth.

Besides the flower, lotus plants also can produce a lot of seeds at one time. The seeds may fall into the water and then go to the bottom of the pond. Sometimes, it germinates very shortly. Sometimes they can change into a new plant. It reminds us that good things start all over again.


adaptive is another meaning of this flower

Being adaptive is another meaning of this flower. Lotus is a flower that can grow in harsh environments. Though the water where they grow is dirty and muddy, it still grows beautifully with the flower. Even when it is in challenging habitats, they can live very well.

It reminds us that we should be adaptive in many environments since life always changes. Negative emotions might come to us, but we should be able to overcome those challenges. Some unfortunate events might happen yet they are not reasons to drag us down.


lotus flower symbolizes strength

Lotus is an annual plant that can live well under harsh weather and environments. It can bloom all year without proper maintenance. It means that the flower is very strong. For this reason, the lotus flower symbolizes strength in many cultures.


lotus flower meaning purity

Another popular lotus flower meaning purity. The flower can stand in a dirty water environment and still emerge from the flowers beautifully. The petals are elegant with many kinds of colors, depending on the type of lotus plant on the water.

The flower does not get affected by the muddy and dirty water. It stays pure with its color midst the condition they grow. This process will occur whenever the flower gets a full sun in a day. It is pure and beautiful.

A Will to Live

represents the meaning of a will to live

Since the character of this flower is strong and beautiful despite the challenges, it represents the meaning of a will to live. The bloom is perfect as long as it is on the water, no matter the quality of the water. It can even germinate during the drought for two years.

Passion and Energy

Lotus flower meaning

In Buddhism, the red lotus represents energy. The color itself is bright red which means there is a huge passion that will lead our life to be better. The emotion in the red lotus flower is positive and the energy keeps us growing.


lotus flower is also a symbol of enlightenment

The lotus flower is also a symbol of enlightenment. Hinduism believes that this flower can connect human beings to nirvana. This is why the lotus flower is quite sacred in India. The special connection is undeniable.


The lotus flower can be a symbol of healing

The lotus flower can be a symbol of healing as well. This is because the flower can bloom in a harsh environment and regrow when it dies. The lotus flower meaning gives us inspiration that even after dying, we can start a new page of our life with a more positive attitude.

This is why many people will give lotus flowers to people who are suffering from trauma and bad experiences. It gives hope to start a new day and symbolizes a healing life. If you want to do so, choose a blooming flower with a bright color. Any color of a lotus flower is fine.

The lotus flower appears again and again beautifully even when the harsh environment is all over it. Lotus flower meaning above reminds us that we should be more positive with life. Though we have many challenges to face, it should not disallow us to move forward.

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