7 Mirrors in Bedroom Ideas That Look Aesthetic

Bedroom mirrors have a lot of functions thanks to their reflective nature. Besides making a visual effect, they can create illusion of depth to the space. Some mirrors are designed to be a wall ornament that improves your interior. If you are looking for mirrors in bedroom ideas, you’re on the right place.

There are tons of mirror designs available on the market ranging from wall mount to standing and round to free shape. Take a look at these mirror design ideas to ornate your personal room.

1. Round Mirror with Leave Frame

Round Mirror with Leave Frame

A mirror with circular shape represents infinity that makes it uniquely aesthetic. Paired with a grey leave frame, it is not only functional but also decorative. Mount this round mirror on your bedroom to add a subtle flair of modesty and elegance.

Mounting a mirror on one side of bedroom wall creates an illusion of depth. If you have a small space issue, bright wall paint and mirror can be an ideal combination to make your room look larger.

2. Barndoor Bedroom Mirror

Barndoor Bedroom Mirror

Large mirrors are often used for its visual trick. This barndoor mirror is a perfect example of how a huge mirror reflects everything in front of it, which doubles the width of the space.

Inspired by a barndoor, it is designed with a track that allows you to slide the mirror effortlessly.

3. Wooden-framed Mirror Behind Nightstand

Mirrors in bedroom ideas

Looking for mirrors in bedroom ideas that has wood material? Bedroom mirror with wooden frame gives an accent of traditional.

Mounted behind nightstand, it serves well as a decoration and functional mirror at one time. Besides, it matches the wooden nightstand.

4. Floor Mirror to Amplify Light

Floor Mirror to Amplify Light

If you are not worried about kids or pets running around your bedroom, floor mirror is a brilliant idea to amplify light and bright up your room.

This human-sized standing mirror lends a sense of luxury and glamor that brings your space to the next level, not to mention it becomes an instant focal point.

5. Modern Round Mirror

Modern Round Mirror

Round mirror is a versatile choice for any bedroom. And if you need a mirror for modern bedroom, this wall-mounted mirror with golden frame can be a recommended alternative. It gives a decorative touch to the futuristic room and blends nicely with the grey wall.

6. Frameless Bedroom Mirror with Light

Frameless Bedroom Mirror with Light

Mirrors in bedroom ideas for teenage girls are here! This idea of bedroom mirrors with lights helps your girl prepare before school in a makeup vanity. The frameless mirrors create a clean and neat look which is ideal for the all-white bedroom.

7. Mosaic Mirror over Bed

Mosaic Mirror over Bed

Mosaic mirrors are clearly aesthetic. Small pieces of mirrors with different sizes and shapes arranged into an artistic mosaic over the bed.

If you are bored with basic round or square mirrors, this is a priceless idea to copy. Good news, this mirror model is available in most furniture stores.

With so many mirrors in bedroom ideas, you can easily find one that matches your bedroom style. Consider several aspects like bedroom size, placement, design and your purpose before rushing to the nearby stores.

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