8 Best Materials and Ideas of Mobile Home Skirting

The house with open space underneath should use mobile home skirting. This is a solution to protect the area from animals that may harm the homeowners.

At the same time, skirting is attractive to improve the look with an affordable price. See the materials to use for skirting here.

1. Rubber Side Skirting

Rubber Side Skirting

There are many options for skirting, but the best one is from rubber. It is durable for years and lightweight to install.

Usually, the color of rubber skirting is black. It has texture to enhance the look of skirting. The price of rubber skirting is very affordable in the market.

2. Natural Stone Skirting

Natural Stone Skirting

Many people choose this style because the appearance is excellent. However, you have to be careful while choosing the natural stone for skirting.

It is way better to use the stone with a long size and put them horizontally. It has different colors and you may spend a lot of money on stones.

3. Grey Rock

Grey Rock Skirting

Grey rock will stay grey in every season. It has the same color if you take it from the same source simultaneously. It looks as simple yet elegant as skirting.

Thus, grey ever rock is a very affordable option. It has different sizes and forms, so you have to arrange them well.

4. PVC

pvc deck skirting

PVC is a strong material and it is a good option to use as mobile home skirting. In the market, you can find PVC for skirting at an affordable price.

The range of colors varies, so you can choose the one that fits your house. PVC for skirting can last for years.

5. Manufactured Skirting

Manufactured Skirting

A manufactured skirting has different materials. It depends on the manufacturer that creates it, but this skirting has good insulation.

It helps the hose to stay warm in winter and colder in summer. Mostly, the main material is rubber with plywood. It is non-toxic and durable for years.

6. Wood Skirting

Mobile Home Skirting

Wood is a compatible material for mobile home skirting. It is durable and the price is affordable. You might have a chance to build the skirting using the resources you have.

The wood should be made as a deck or board, then arrange them under your house. Paint them if it is necessary.

7. Horizontal Plywood

Horizontal Plywood Skirting

Plywood can be a reliable material for skirting. It is made from wood, but the shape looks like a deck. Since it has many sizes, you can pick the long-sized plywood to make a horizontal skirting. Playwood’s surface is usually smooth so you can paint them to make it look better.

8. Bricks Skirting

Bricks Skirting

Bricks are durable material to be skirting and it is easy to find on the market. The natural color is red, but you can paint them with any color to match the concept of your house. Bricks are cheap and less hassle by doing it yourself.

You have to use the best materials for mobile home skirting. It should be durable for years, so you don’t waste money to fix or enhance the look. Doing it by yourself is easy, but you have to be careful with an estimation of the material and the size of the skirting.

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