5 Simple Ideas for Narrow Nightstands for Small Bedrooms

Do you have a problem choosing narrow nightstands for small bedrooms? A nightstand could be a very essential piece of furniture in your bedroom that gives you many benefits. For that reason, choosing the right one is a necessity.

Now, for you who have a problem choosing nightstands for small-sized bedrooms, here, we have several ideas for nightstands you can try.

Use Natural Nightstands

Use Natural Nightstands

If you have a problem choosing the small nightstand that fits your bedroom, choose the natural-style nightstand. It has various shapes, colors, patterns, and appearances. Therefore, it will fit with your bedroom and won’t even make it look cramped.

Using a wooden-type nightstand with a natural finish is the easiest way to get natural-style nightstands. However, you also can use a unique design for this theme.

For example, we found a nightstand made of a solid tree trunk. This kind of nightstand will make it stand out among the furniture in your bedroom.

Floating Nightstands

Floating Nightstands

You might not have enough space to put a nightstand right beside your bed. But, you still have a wall surrounding your bed. You can use that to install one or two nightstands.

We are talking about a mounted rack on the wall beside your bed. If you install the rack low enough at the height of a normal nightstand, maybe a bit higher, you will get what you need.

Moreover, it also doesn’t need too much space in your bedroom. That’s perfectly suitable for your need for narrow nightstands for small bedrooms.

The Box Will Do the Job

use a box or crates for nightstands

Have a problem finding a small nightstand in the store? You can use a box or crates. We believe they have various sizes, which one of them will fit your small bedroom space.

Of course, you can’t just put any box or crate right beside your bedroom. Make sure you process it a bit, like applying a finish, so it will look beautiful and comfortable to use. Best of all, you can use the new and old crates for this nightstand idea.

Merge It with Your Bed

Merge nightstands with Your Bed

As for this idea, you might have to replace your entire bed frame. Find one with the head frame that also has one or a pair of nightstands attached to it.

Using this bed will solve your need for a nightstand. As long as the bed frame fits your bedroom size, you will get the nightstand you need.

Move It Around

Narrow Nightstands for Small Bedrooms

The other solution for a small-space bedroom is a side table with wheels. This solution allows you to move nightstands when you are not using them to create more space. Then, you can put it back on the side of the bed when you are going to sleep.


The ideas here will be the best solution for your nightstand needs. They might require a proper search for the specific product in the furniture shop.

However, they are not completely difficult to find and choose. That’s it, our solution for narrow nightstands for small bedrooms.

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