7 Neon Painting Ideas for Beginners

Neon painting brings out your inner creativity. This technique uses a special fluorescent paint that glows in the dark, which makes it look like a neon. If you want to show off your creative side, take a closer look at neon painting ideas below.

Are you beginners who want to try neon painting for the first time? Chances are that you don’t know what to make.

1. Try Simple Objects

neon painting ideas

Make your first painting experience fun by choosing simple objects. Try to paint things in your surroundings such as simplified animals, flowers, or fruits. It may sound weird but it helps you get familiar with the technique before you move to the higher level.

2. Sexy Lips Neon Painting

Sexy Lips Neon Painting

Lips have a simple shape and it is such a fail-proof idea for cool neon paintings even if you have zero painting skills. Start with the outer line of the lips and then draw the inner line. Fill the lips with colorful hearts using different paint colors.

You can do it exactly the same as this picture or improve it to your imagination. Or you can also skip the teeth if it feels difficult to work with.

3. Cute Cloud

Cute Cloud neon

The next neon painting ideas would be super easy to make. An imaginary cloud with subtle blue and white color palettes on a dark background looks so cute yet artistic. If you do this project with your kids, it can be a great inspiration for a playful and fun painting.

Simply prepare 3 colors to get the task done. Or if you want to add rainbow to the cloud, be sure to prepare more fluorescent paints before having fun with the colors.

4. Colorful Sunset

Colorful Sunset Neon

Challenge yourself with this colorful sunset picture. Combining multiple colors with gradation technique, it requires more skills to accomplish.

Whether you want to upgrade your painting skills or simply you want to play with colors, this beautiful sunset and beach can be a perfect alternative.

5. Neon Cherry

Neon Cherry

Cherry neon can be your inspiration for the next painting activity. It has a simple design with green and red color palettes. Add details to make your picture look more artistic. Feel free to modify these neon painting ideas to your heart’s content.

6. Girl and Hearts

Girl and Hearts Neon

Painting is one of activities to express your feelings and emotions. This picture of a girl and hearts conveys a meaningful message about the artist’s deep feelings. Use it as an inspiration for your next painting project, especially if you love the details and color expression.

7. Tree with Abstract Background

Tree with Abstract Background Neon

A leaf-less tree can be an artistic object for painting. Combined with abstract background, it is uniquely aesthetic. This nature-inspired neon painting can be a priceless artwork in your hand. Replicate this picture and make some modifications to meet your imagination and personality.

Neon painting is a unique painting technique using a special paint. It typically comes with bright colors that allow you to create an eye-catching and bold artwork. Take advantage of neon painting ideas above to satisfy your inner artist.

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