The 8 Creative Outdoor Tree Lighting Ideas

Beautifying your trees in the backyard by putting the lights is a great idea. It will become outdoor lights and leaves a deep impression when the night comes. If you wonder what it will look like, check some outdoor tree lighting ideas here for your reference.

The Top Outdoor Tree Lighting Ideas

1. Summer light

outdoor tree lighting ideas

The lights on this tree are wrapping the whole stem and it might spend a lot of energy to have this style. However, it is a good option if you have a large backyard with many big trees. The lights will make the whole backyard beautiful. However, you need proper maintenance to keep it safe.

2. Ground light

Outdoor Ground light

You can have this option if the tree is not tall, like shrubs and other types of grass. You only need to put the light next to the plants on the ground. When you turn on the lamp, the light looks beautiful and the plants are lively. You can put two lamps on each side of the plant.

3. Mini lights

Outdoor Mini lights

To make the tree looks more festive, you can have a string of lights and wrap on the stem. This option is very popular for a huge tree with a thick stem.

You don’t only wrap the main stem, but also the branches. This is a popular yet easy option among outdoor tree lighting ideas.

4. Romantic vibe lighting

Romantic vibe lighting

This is the best option you can consider if you want a romantic vibe in the backyard. The lighting is hanging on the big tree.

Under the big trees, you can place the chairs and coffee table to relax. The best choice for the lighting is the yellow bulb since it has dim light.

5. Chinese lanterns

Outdoor Chinese lanterns

This is popular for the backyards that have large-sized trees. You can connect the trees with a string and then hang the big lanterns on the string.

It looks festive all year. If your area has a lot of rainy days, you have to make sure that the lantern has good quality to face rainy days.

6. 3D effects

Outdoor 3D effects

You may look at some gardens that have lighting on the trees. Usually, a big garden in the city uses a 3D effects concept.

It should be well-planned because the looks of the lighting will create something such as animals or figures. It needs a high budget to tryfor outoor tree lighting.

7. Hanging bulbs

Outdoor Hanging bulbs

The hanging bulbs are the simplest idea because it needs a low budget to execute. You can DIY for this project because the bulbs are hanging on the string. Then, you can put some strings on the branch of the big tree.

8. Putting decorative lamps

putting some decorative lamps on the tree

The easiest way to decorate the trees in the backyard is by putting some decorative lamps on the tree. Usually, these decorative lamps have many shapes such as a moon, star, or lantern. It gives festive vibes and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

These outdoor tree lighting ideas are the best reference that you can look at before deciding the style for the backyard. You have to consider the size of the tree and its types before choosing the lighting style because it influences the mood of the backyard.

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