7 Adorable Pallet Ideas for Walls to Spruce up Your Room

Wooden pallets are so uniquely aesthetic that many homeowners use them to improve their interior. With a little creativity, you can transform boring pallets into decorative wall ornaments. Get the most inspiring pallet ideas for walls and get ready for your next project.

To upcycle wooden pallets into adorable wall decorations requires minimum woodworking skills. Start with the simple work. As you progress and your ability improves, feel free to upgrade your level. Or if you don’t have much time, simply find them in nearby stores or online.

1. Black and Gray Pallet Wall

Black and Gray Pallet Wall

Feel bored with a casual plain wall? Take your time to make a wall background with wooden pallets to refresh your space. Black and grey pallets generate a contemporary look while wooden material lends its warmth to the entire room.

2. Pallet Wall Art

Pallet Wall Art

Beginners can start with this super simple pallet wall art. It requires neither advanced woodworking skills nor plenty of time. Collect wood pallets with different colors and put them in your desired pattern. Natural wood grains and colors create a decorative touch.

3. Rustic Pallet Wall Décor

Rustic Pallet Wall Décor

If you adopt a rustic theme, these pallet ideas for walls can accentuate your style. This puzzle-inspired artwork comes with missing pieces that clearly draw attention. It also has a focal point where you can put quotes or family photos.

This work may require a little more effort but the result is just worth it. The number of pallets you need depends on the size of background you want to make.

4. Classic Pallet Wall Ornament with Lights

Classic Pallet Wall Ornament with Lights

This small masterpiece is going to adorn your plain wall. Made of wooden pallet combined with decorative lights and artificial plants, this simple artwork complements your rustic or classic interior. Find it in local stores or put it into your list of DIY projects.

5. Recycled Pallet TV Backdrop

Recycled Pallet TV Backdrop

TV backdrops are popular nowadays. The good news is that you can build it yourself with wooden pallets. These pallet ideas for walls are simple yet creative, not to mention it can make your living room feel warmer. You can make additional shelves to organize more items.

6. Garden-Themed Pallet Backdrop

Garden-Themed Pallet Backdrop

Combining rustic and nature themes, this pallet backdrop can be a nice addition into your bedroom or living room. To add flair of nature, it comes with artificial twigs and leaves. The backdrop can be a perfect place to showcase your pictures or favorite ornaments.

The height and width of the backdrop heavily depends on your preferences. If you prefer higher backdrop, secure it to the wall for safety reason.

7. Pallet Shelves

Pallet Shelves

If you want a functional upcycle, try pallet wall shelves. This piece is not only decorative but also works well to keep your tiny accessories and collectibles. Mount it in your living room and it will become an instant focal point.

Wooden pallets are considered trash but you can transform it into a piece of art with a little effort. Choose your favorite pallet ideas for walls and plan your upcoming project. Or if you want to keep it simple, get them in your favorite stores.

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