7 Brilliant Pergola Privacy Screen Ideas to Boost Your Outdoor Space

A privacy screen can keep curious eyes off your pergola. If you want to maintain your privacy while hanging out with your loved ones, these pergola privacy screen ideas are worth it.

These options can reflect your style and transform your outdoor space into a piece of art.

1. Wooden Screen Panel for Small Pergola

Pergola Privacy Screen Ideas

A wooden panel promises full privacy coverage to any given space including your pergola. The full-height pergola screen panels totally block a view, giving your nosy neighbor no chance to peek at you. Install the panel on the desired side and keep your pergola accessible from the other sides.

Not only does it protect your privacy, but it also adds more value to your outdoor space. Add some greeneries for more colors and additional aesthetic.

2. Trellises for Decorative Pergola Screen

Trellises for Decorative Pergola Screen

Trellises are a great option if you need partial coverage. This type of pergola screen does not block a view but you can add train plants against the trellises. It provides you not only with a natural screen but also stunning decoration. Not to mention it adds a touch of nature to redefine your outdoor space.

Trellises are among pergola privacy screen ideas which are suitable for any theme from modern to classic. Paint the framework to your desire to make it suit your backyard theme.

3. Horizontal Wooden Slats for Privacy

Horizontal Wooden Slats for Privacy

For years, wooden slats have been used to build pergola screens. Wooden slats privacy screens are relatively easy to make and they require a minimum woodworking skill. They work effectively to keep your pergola out of sight and add a decorative accent to your backyard.

4. Durable Aluminum Screen

Durable Aluminum Screen

Aluminum can be an excellent alternative if you demand a strong, durable, and attractive privacy screen for your backyard pergola. This material is budget-friendly and it can withstand extreme weather much better than wood. Although the installation may require some extra effort, the result is worth it.

5. Hanging Planters to Bring Your Pergola to Life

Hanging Planters to Bring Your Pergola to Life

Let your pergola blend with nature with these pergola privacy screen ideas. It combines wooden slats and hanging planter to provide some extra privacy coverage. Simply hang your favorite planters to the slats and it will be a natural decoration in your outdoor area.

6. Wood Pallet Pergola Screen

Wood Pallet Pergola Screen

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to wooden slats privacy screen, wood pallet pergola has got you covered. Wood pallets work as effectively as wood slats to make you feel more secluded while hanging out in your backyard. Either leave it unfinished to paint it with your favorite color.

7. Artistic Metal Screen

Artistic Metal Screen

A metal pergola screen can create a mesmerizing view in your outdoor space. Metal screens come in various designs and patterns which can be adjusted to your preferences. This type of privacy screen is easy to maintain, durable, and withstand harsh weather.

Feel more private while hanging out in your pergola with pergola privacy screen ideas. There are different materials and designs available on the market today, ranging from wood to aluminum and metal. Pick a privacy screen idea that fits your personal preference and budget.

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