7 Amazing Poolside Daybed with Canopy for Your Summer

It is summer and you want to spend your days relaxing outside beside the pool. Daybeds are your friend. Why? Because a poolside daybed with canopy provides you with a comfortable and cozy spot by the pool.

And with a canopy standing above you, there is no need not worry about the sun and privacy.

Curious about how amazing an outdoor poolside daybed with a canopy can be? Check out our list of daybeds below.

1. Teoman Rattan Outdoor Daybed by Latitude Run

Poolside Daybed with Canopy

This daybed has a simplistic yet stylish modern design. Plus, it comes with a retractable, sun-resistant, and waterproof canopy which ensures your comfort and convenience. The cushions are comfortable.

Better still, the daybed can be divided into 4 individual parts: a fan-shaped lounge chair, 2 footstools, and 1 round table.

2. Behling Wicker Outdoor Daybed by Brayden Studio

Amazing Poolside Daybed with Canopy

Made from weather-resistant rattan, this daybed can withstand the outdoors with ease. Not only that, but it also comes with a removable fade- and UV-resistant polyester canopy.

That means you will be well-protected from the sun. Have multiple guests to accommodate? Separate the parts and enjoy your time with them!

3. Wood Poolside Daybed with Canopy by Latitude Run

Best Poolside Daybed with Canopy

Enjoy your time as you sit or lie down on the plush, water-resistant cushions. Need to adjust the seating? No worries. The chaise lounges are adjustable.

The box canopy allows you to hang water-resistant curtains, which you can adjust as needed for protection from sunlight and privacy.

4. Brentwood Wicker Outdoor Daybed by Sol 72 Outdoor


This daybed is the one to go if you want to bring in the style of indoors outside. Great for both large and small space, this inviting round poolside daybed with canopy adds a focal point to the space.

Besides the unique design, the daybed also features an espresso-white combo, which makes it even more visually appealing.

5. Clearmont Metal Outdoor Daybed by Arlmont & Co.


The daybed works wonders, whether it is combined or separated. Combined, it creates a comfy relaxing spot where you can sit or lie down. Separated, it creates an amazing spot for conversation.

This attention-stealing daybed consists of a total of six parts, which you can configure to your liking. Yes, it is that versatile.

6. Bousquet Rattan Outdoor Daybed by Beachcrest Home


Perhaps you want to add a very unique touch to the poolside? If that is what you want, you will like this daybed.

Featuring a large, cube-shaped canopy, this daybed provides you with a cozy, comfy, and private relaxing spot by the pool.

7. Strawser Wicker Outdoor Daybed by Brayden Studio


With this daybed, you can soak up the sun, alone, with your special one, or with your guests. Featuring a rectangular shape, this daybed offers comfort, practicality, and versatility.

When all the parts are combined, you get a daybed on which you can sit or lie down. Used individually, you can use them to create an inviting spot for conversation for everyone.

That’s how amazing a poolside daybed with canopy can be. Daybeds can make a huge difference to any space. Of course, that includes the poolside.

Not only do they provide a comfortable and cozy spot for you to unwind and relax, but they also add an interesting visual cue.

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